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Which of the following animals is the "sleepy king" in the ocean? Alipay ant manor answers in April

Which of the following animals is the sleepy king in the ocean? The above is the question of ant Manor on April 2, 2020. If you answer correctly, you can receive 180g chicken feed as a reward. So what kind of animal is known as the sleepy king? Next, let's learn about it.

Alipay ant manor April 2nd answer

1、 Which of the following animals is the 'sleepy King' in the ocean?

A. Dolphin

B. Walrus

2、 April 2, 2020 ant manor today answer

A. Walrus

Answer analysis: walruses are gregarious animals. They live an amphibious life in cold sea water and land ice. Each group can range from dozens to thousands. In order to recover from fatigue after swimming in the ocean for a long time, they sleep and rest most of the time on land.

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Walruses mainly live in the Arctic or near Arctic temperate waters. Poor vision, but keen sense of smell and hearing. Walruses spend most of their time on coastal land or ice floes, where they breed, change hair and rest.

When the group sleeps, it will always leave a guard. When it finds that there is a danger, it will immediately send out a bull like roar to wake up its companions, or touch other individuals nearby with tusks, and pass on the danger alarm in turn.