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Preventing and fighting New Coronavirus handwriting is simple, good-looking and salute.

2020 is quietly coming to us, but a war without gunsmoke will follow. A group of angels in white are undergoing a severe test in order to fight the virus. The following is a small collection of primary school students to pay tribute to the most beautiful retrograde handwritten newspaper. It is simple. Welcome to read it for reference!

2020 tribute to the most beautiful rebel composition

This Spring Festival is different from the past. The spread of New Coronavirus has made the entire Chinese land covered by the epidemic, which made people more cautious and panic. Therefore, families who usually like to get together in big hotels choose to eat a new year's Eve dinner at home, and people who like to visit relatives choose to send new year's greetings by telephone. The streets are silent, with only bright street lights flashing quietly.

New year's Eve, family reunion, is the happiest night of the year. When I was out of town, I suddenly learned that you were transferred to Wuhan for support. My first reaction was to worry. I haven't seen you for a long time. In my impression, you are always soft and weak, can't speak loudly, and your white face has a sweet smile like candy. I'm afraid your thin body can't bear such a heavy load; I'm also worried that my brother is still young. After you leave, he will miss his mother.

Family members have left messages saying that you are a soldier and a hero. I also sent a sentence in my circle of friends: 'be proud of you and be safe.'

The next day, on the first day of the new year, there was another photo in the family group -- a group photo of you and your colleagues. Dozens of angels in white stood in a row, tall and straight, like energetic soldiers. You look a little bloated in your thick protective clothing; The goggles covered the gentle smile, revealing only a pair of calm and firm eyes. I found that your smile, in addition to tenderness, adds a bit of perseverance.

Pack up your bags, put on your military uniform, and then resolutely go to the battlefield to try your best to take back the patients from illness and even death. I know that you are in charge of the ICU ward in Wuhan. You are hard and tired. You don't have to say much. I looked at the latest epidemic statistics on my mobile phone, praying for your safety and wishing that you and your comrades in arms could pull more compatriots back to the safety zone from the line of life and death.

When I opened the news that day, my brother's familiar and young face and clear eyes suddenly appeared on the screen, as if saying, 'mom is safe'. He took the opened diary, which was full of encouragement and love for you. Although the strokes are rough and simple, every stroke that falls seriously is my brother's infinite and hot love for my mother.

As soon as the picture turned, it became a scene where a nurse sat on the ground crying because of overload work and exhaustion. The bottom of my heart suddenly hurt and my nose was sour -- she must not even drink a mouthful of water. Her cry was so hoarse, her forehead was full of sweat, and the skin of her arms was almost festering because it had been wrapped in airtight protective clothing for a long time. Whose mother is she and whose daughter is she? Who can give her a glass of water, pat her on the shoulder and give her a warm smile? Those who hold salaries for the public must have warm wind for ten miles and fireworks all over the sky. Aunt, I am thousands of miles away, for you and countless front-line medical staff, make a deep bow and sincerely say 'thank you'. We are all waiting for you, waiting for you to come home with a gentle smile.

There are many warm-hearted people and things. I want to write to you: the Henan village secretary shouted at the "hard core" in the radio station. His words were sharp and hit the nail on the head, reminding everyone not to visit relatives and friends at will, attracting a lot of praise from netizens; Humorous slogans are hung everywhere to warn everyone of the dangers of indiscriminate eating game and gathering people to visit; Artists generously donated money to support Wuhan; Students do their best to raise donations, masks and other materials on the Internet and contribute their part & hellip& hellip; I'm sure you'll feel a heat flow in your chest when you see this. On weekdays, you drive away the pain for us; Now, the storm is coming, we have to face it together and overcome it together.

"The mountains and rivers in the world have a clear shadow, and the wind and rain in the world are the same at night". The mountains and rivers in China will be able to carry a piece of blue sky in the haze -- that is the spiritual backbone of the Chinese nation; And we will unite as one in this storm, face it together, gather strength and be the most solid Guardian behind you. Wuhan will win, China will win!