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Sacrifice heroes online and never forget the martyrs' loyalty. The people will always put heroes in their hearts. What are the messages for the martyrs on the Qingming Festival? The following is a message for 2020 Qingming Festival online prepared by Xiaobian. You are welcome to refer to it.

A message to the martyrs on the Qingming Festival

1. "It rains one after another during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls." When it comes to Qingming, the first thing we think of is this scene of pedestrians' sadness and lingering spring rain. However, from our traditional tomb sweeping custom, Qingming is undoubtedly a sad Festival.

2. Five thousand years of Chinese civilization, the revolutionary martyrs wrote a great life with their blood. Their spirit is worth praising and praising, and their life is worth learning from. We should learn from their spirit of building for the motherland, pass on their deeds and show our young people in the new era

3. Pay tribute to the martyrs! You are the pride and symbol of the Chinese nation. We spread our wings with dreams, fly with longing, strive to be civilized students and create a civilized campus. In front of these ancestors, make an oath of no regrets. Please raise your right hand and let us swear together: love the motherland, pursue truth, and be determined to become a new generation with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, abide by the code of students' moral behavior, be honest and trustworthy, strictly self-discipline, establish a good style of study, and be a moral person, Make contributions to the prosperity of the motherland in the future!

4. During the Qingming Festival, it rains one after another, and the heroes and martyrs fill the heaven and earth. I ask where the heaven is good, a great country and a Chinese dream!

5. The long river of time flows continuously, but it does not dilute our memory of the revolutionary martyrs. Every inch of the land they fought in those years is now covered with flowers and trees. We should cherish the hard won life and understand the historical responsibility and mission they shoulder.

6. I worship our martyrs. Without you, we would not have a happy life now! We should carry forward your traditional spirit and make contributions to our motherland! Salute the martyrs!

7. If the martyrs did not adhere to their faith and shed their blood, there would be no peaceful and prosperous life today. They would not forget the spirit of the martyrs and strive for the prosperity and rejuvenation of the great motherland~~~

8. Be virtuous and determined, grow up happily, cherish the memory of the martyrs, be a virtuous youth, and study hard to realize the great Chinese dream!

9. Don't forget the martyrs' loyal bones and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

10. Revolutionary ancestors, you do not give in to torture and are not interested in high-ranking officials. With awe inspiring righteousness and death at home, he defended a Communist's faith with a clank iron bone and wrote a magnificent revolutionary poem. For the founding of new China and for our happy life today, you throw your head and shed your blood. I miss you affectionately. You live in our hearts forever!

11. Our happiness is the blood of these martyrs! Without you to protect our motherland, we can't laugh now. We must still be bullied by foreigners. Therefore, as the 'younger generation' of the motherland, we must study hard and defend the motherland like you in the future. We must not let your sacrifice in vain!

12. How many heroes shed their blood for the motherland. They wrote the 'march of the volunteers' with their own lives for the prosperity of the motherland. They dyed the five-star red flag with their own blood. As their descendants, we should make the red flag scarlet and the five stars brighter.

13. Pay homage to the martyrs, never forget the loyal souls, and strive to realize the Chinese dream!

14. Based on the foundation, develop steadily, and honor the martyrs who created a better life for us with strong strength.

15. In the course of realizing the Centennial Chinese dream, the martyrs shed their blood and achieved national independence. Now we are moving forward bravely on the road of national rejuvenation. Thank you for paving the way for us. I believe that China in the future will realize the Chinese dream in our hands.

16. Although it is nominally just a festival to pay tribute to the dead and express sadness, the significance and value of Qingming to our people is far more than that.

17. The martyrs never forget and are determined to be stronger. Fuxing Zhonghua Road is busy in offering sacrifices to ancestors during the Qingming Festival. Benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and filial piety are the motherland, ushering in a good time of prosperity. Create great achievements together.

18. In commemorating the revolutionary martyrs, we should never forget their outstanding contributions to the party and the people, their national spirit forged with blood and life, and their legacy and pursuit.

19. Since ancient times, the Chinese people have an old tradition of offering sacrifices to their ancestors and remembering the martyrs. We have known since primary school that new China was bought by countless revolutionary martyrs with their blood and lives; Our happy life today is the crystallization of the blood and sacrifice of the revolutionary martyrs. The clandestine bones of martyrs who shed their blood for the revolution are the most precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation; The lofty integrity of martyrs who do not hesitate to sacrifice their precious lives for the interests of the country and the people is the most cherished revolutionary tradition of the Chinese nation!

20. Our happy life today is bought by countless revolutionary martyrs with their blood and lives!

21. Our happy life now depends on the blood of the older generation of revolutionary martyrs. When realizing the great 'Chinese dream', we should always remember the revolutionary martyrs!!

22. How can we live a happy life without countless revolutionary predecessors throwing their heads and blood to establish a new China. Here, we deeply cherish their memory and wish their spirit to last forever and keep moving forward!

23. Perhaps the name of the hero has long been forgotten, perhaps the face of the hero has long faded with the years, or the handwriting on the stone tablet has long been blurred & hellip& hellip; But those memories have been engraved in people's hearts and minds and will never be erased. The national soul and the Chinese dream are becoming clearer and clearer.

24. There is a spring breeze everywhere when we visit the tombs of our ancestors every year. We should learn from the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs and make contributions to the revitalization of China. We should not forget the martyrs' loyalty and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. Today is bought by countless revolutionary martyrs with blood and revolution. Without you, our motherland will not be prosperous. I want to study hard. Without your heroic dedication, we would not have a happy life today! It is you who hold up tomorrow's sun with a clank iron bone! It is you who cast the glory of the motherland with indomitable courage! Your name will last forever, and your spirit will last forever! Salute you! Learn from you!

25. Today's happy life is hard won. Don't forget the meritorious deeds of the martyrs!