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An epidemic situation has made us understand that the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature are not rumors, and selfless people really exist. When the country is in crisis, it is full of danger. The medical staff are charging ahead. Without the protection of these great rebels, there can be no health and peace today. I hope the epidemic will pass soon! What are the simple and beautiful pictures of our manual report under the epidemic situation? Here are some handwritten reports on combating the epidemic in 2020, hoping to help you.

Life comes and goes, accompany for a long time. Wait for the epidemic to subside with love and hope. When we arrive at Heqinghaiyan, we meet the country and the people. Go China! Wuhan, come on!

Spring Festival in 2020, ​ A sudden outbreak of the epidemic has changed countless life trajectories. Staying at home also prompted me to think about the real meaning of life & hellip& hellip;

During the SARS period, I was still a child without worldly affairs, so the state affairs of life and death felt very far away from me. This epidemic has been concerned from the first time. I saw that life is as vast as a white horse passing through the gap. All the beauty of human nature shines in the feelings of family and country in peacetime. I wish the front-line medical staff to return safely. All the people who are still working to protect people's daily life and sacrifice their personal interests, come on

Some thoughts are only suitable to be placed in words, some words are only spoken and listened to by people who understand, and some things can only be digested by themselves. A person's well-being and well-being should always know that middle age is like tea, tea fragrance is tasted by himself, middle age is like water, and still water flows deeply. Middle age is a watershed. It retreats from childishness to maturity. Along the way, it has experienced wind and rain, enjoyed rainbows, walked wide, and climbed high mountains. It is slowly known that there are always some things that should be borne by itself. Although the responsibility on the shoulders is becoming heavier and heavier, we should also know how to love and don't always complain. Life is like this. There will be disappointments. Don't think too much and you will be happy.

When the epidemic map is red, all forms of life will be staged. Some people unite and others take the opportunity to calculate their interests. But anyway, I believe the light will come. I also believe that love is bigger and that our love can overcome everything&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; We are together&# 8203;

When we look back on the past one day, we will remember the experience of meeting a serious epidemic twice in our life. The inspirational and moving part of the experience will make us realize that only what we have experienced in life is true.

This year is true. I just hope my life can start a new journey after the epidemic is over. Let everything now disappear with the end of the epidemic&# 8203;

Think back to the years you have experienced and what meaningful things you have done. If the world really stops at this moment, what else do you want to do. Life is very short. After the epidemic, I hope we can bravely pursue our loved ones, careers and dreams. come on.

Primary school students' handwritten composition materials:

Different Spring Festival

The annual Spring Festival is coming again. It's a festival I've been looking forward to for a long time! On the first day of the first month, I got up early, put on my new clothes and waited happily for my parents to take me to pay New Year's greetings.

After breakfast, my mother didn't go out. I asked curiously, 'aren't we going out today?' Mother regretted, "honey, there is a very infectious virus called New Coronavirus outside this year. Doctors are fighting regardless of personal danger. We stay at home safer, responsible for ourselves, and responsible to others. Is there an antidote for this virus? " I asked again. My mother smiled and said to me, 'the scientific researchers in our country have started the development of antidotes. They are all very powerful. I believe they will succeed soon.' I nodded at ease.

In this different spring festival in 2020, although the sudden coronavirus diluted the joy of the new year, it made me understand that I should study hard and learn more knowledge now. When the motherland needs it in the future, I can also contribute my share like doctors and researchers.