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800 words about the epidemic: how to write about New Coronavirus's composition

This year's Spring Festival is destined to be a dull, irritable but moving holiday. However, this sentiment is far from being stopped and may be accompanied by our future. This situation is derived from the spread of a New Coronavirus, and its spread is fast and wide be taken by surprise. Fortunately, the State takes urgent measures to prevent the spread of the disease. With the joint efforts of community workers and cadres and the masses, we will soon win the war of epidemic prevention and control.

Where did the virus come from?

In other words, the origin of this virus is a South China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, where all kinds of wild animals are secretly sold. The originator is said to be a wild animal called bat! There are nearly 100 kinds of infectious viruses in the body. Bats transmit the virus to other wild animals. People eat these wild animals and are unfortunately infected. People transmit people, resulting in the current situation of proliferation. So far, I have a new understanding of bats.

Are wild animals really so delicious? Can I eat it?

Now some people have a special liking for wild animals. They want to eat everything and dare to eat, even bats. This strange looking, ugly animal itself has no intersection with human beings. It is honest, but it is regarded as delicious by some diners. There are even videos of beautiful women eating bats to show off, which makes people see their intestines and stomach rolling. It seems disgusting to vomit and extremely ugly! What these diners did not expect was that while enjoying this strange animal, they also ate all kinds of unknown viruses. In 2003, a virus called SARS was once popular. It was said that the diners had eaten a wild animal named "civet cats" before they were infected. It was said that the bat was still the host, but the bat passed the virus to the cat and even more wild animal. So far, bats seem to be the culprit. As everyone knows, people and wild animals should live in harmony without disturbing each other. Wild animals have their world and their food chain. Why do humans capture them for food? Is it for physical fitness or longevity? We can't afford it!

What's wrong with wild animals?

I always believe that wild animals should be human friends. Peaceful coexistence and mutual benefit are the king. I remember that when I was a child in the countryside, many bats would fly up and down in the sky before thunder and rainstorm at dusk. They flapped their big wings and could hardly see their faces. At that time, my mother always shook the Pu fan and told me that bats came out to eat mosquitoes, Of course, there are also low flying swifts, dragonflies, one after another frogs and cicadas. I chased fireflies in such a beautiful evening and spent a happy childhood in such a beautiful natural environment! I always believe that bats are harmless or even beneficial to humans, but we shouldn't touch them, including other wild animals.

Childhood memories remind me of my longing for natural beauty. Nowadays, people have lived a carefree life, but some people have to think about those who fly in the sky, run on the ground and swim in the water. It seems that they are proud of hunting all kinds of wild animals with the courage to risk the world, and even want to be the first person to eat crabs. This should be foolhardy!

All diners must not forget that those who accumulate evil will suffer!

Let's refuse to eat wild animals. From now on, take the protection of wild animals as everyone's obligation and return wild animals to a beautiful home!