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Tribute to Zhong Nanshan's anti epidemic spirit composition 2020 academician Zhong Nanshan's deeds c

Zhong Nanshan is a member of China Academy of engineering and a famous expert in respiratory diseases. He is the most important leader in this battle against New Coronavirus. This article brings you an excellent composition describing Zhong Nanshan's moving deeds for your reference.

Zhong Nanshan's excellent composition I

In this epidemic, there is a name. Every time you hear it, you will feel that with him, you have a backbone. He is Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering!

The reason why we believe him is because he was the mainstay of the SARS campaign 17 years ago.

17 years later, the 84 year old Zhong stood in front of the people of the whole country again. Many people said that Zhong Nanshan was a hero, but as a hero, what did Zhong do all his life? What kind of family can cultivate such heroes?

What about the older generation of Chinese scientific research heroes, from Deng Jiaxian to Yuan Longping and Zhong Nanshan, and the younger generation of scientific researchers? Do they also have such abilities and qualities? Can they become such heroes in history in the new era?

Zhong Lao has been legendary all his life, like the deeds of Zhong Lao when he was young, which are widely spread on the Internet. He was a sportsman and won the 400m hurdles champion of the National Games. Although this is enough achievement for many people to be proud of all their life, for Zhong Lao, this is just a small episode of his life!

Most of Zhong Lao's achievements are in the field of medicine. Zhong Lao first confirmed and improved the concept of hidden asthma, which was later adopted by the global strategy for asthma prevention and control compiled by the United Nations health organization; In addition, Mr. Zhong also systematically analyzed the causes of chronic cough in China. He explained the mechanism of esophageal neuroinflammation of gastroesophageal reflux cough, and then confirmed that 60% of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the early and middle stages had the problem of protein malnutrition. Then he proposed and supplemented the correction formula of basic energy consumption, etc. I know you must be confused about these, However, it doesn't matter. These are very professional questions, and we laymen don't need to understand them. In fact, we can intuitively understand Zhong Lao's contribution from other angles. He presided over and completed the national 973 Plan, that is, the national key basic research and development plan, and he is also the chief scientist of the project, as well as the 863 plan More than 10 major scientific research projects at this level, such as tackling key scientific and technological problems in the eleventh five year plan!

The so-called 973 Plan is the national key basic research and development plan. The positioning of this project is to solve major scientific problems in the national strategic needs and scientific frontier problems that will play an important role in human understanding of the world. You can see the weight of this project from this positioning!

In addition, there is the 863 Program; The 863 plan, in fact, was in the 1980s, when the United States was fighting a cold war with the Soviet Union, and then put forward a star wars plan, which may have been heard by many friends. Several old scientists in our country also put forward suggestions to the country to catch up with the world's high and new technology, and then Comrade Xiaoping personally gave instructions at that time, Then he approved the outline of the high-tech research and development plan, that is, the 863 plan. However, whether it is the 973 Plan or the 863 plan, in 16 years, a new plan appeared to replace these, that is, the national key R & D plan, and there will be new requirements in the new period.

Therefore, the subject projects undertaken by Mr. Zhong are of this level. In addition, Mr. Zhong also presided over the scientific and technological breakthrough of the eleventh five year plan. This is a national five-year plan project. Speaking of this five-year plan, it has a long history. From 1953 to now, 16 to 20 years belong to the 13th five year plan. We will start the 14th five year plan soon, Our five-year plan was also learned from the big brother of the Soviet Union. There were quite a lot of countries learning the five-year plan, but now, as far as I know, it seems that it is only us. I think this is also a major advantage of our country, because we can formulate a long-term national strategy.

What kind of family can cultivate people like Zhong Nanshan? The answer is that the father is also a hero. Who is the old father? His father, Zhong Shifan, was one of the earliest pediatric medical experts in China. He graduated from Peking Union Medical College in 1930, and later obtained a doctorate from the State University of New York in the United States. In 1949, he was employed as a medical consultant by the World Health Organization. You see, at that time, he was the top physician in China!

However, Zhong Shishan's father, Zhong Shifan, was more than just a medical leader. Zhong Shifan was the president of Guangzhou Central Hospital in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China in 1949. When the Kuomintang retreated, he asked Zhong Shifan to take all the money from Guangzhou Central Hospital and go to * * with his family. Zhong Shifan flatly refused at that time, so you see, There is a reasonable explanation for what Zhong Nanshan and Zhong Lao did today. The family style of our family is here. There is a saying in China, Lao Tzu hero!

Behind Zhong Nanshan, our young generation of scientific researchers in China, how are they?

I think this should be divided into two aspects, one is ability, the other is character;

Let's start with ability. According to the data released by the Ministry of education years ago, the total number of fresh graduates this year is 8.74 million, and the proportion of graduate students is also increasing. Many front-line personnel have overseas study background and have more international vision. In addition, the proportion of national scientific research expenditure is increasing, and there are many fund projects for young people, There is an overall incentive policy for the growth of young people. Therefore, in terms of ability, the overall scientific research level of the young generation must be higher than before, and in the foreseeable future, the scientific research level of our next generation will certainly be better!

In terms of character, let's take this epidemic as an example. When you turn on your mobile phone, the medical staff can hardly count the moving moments. As I said before, the word "righteousness" rooted in the bones of the Chinese nation will always be revealed at the most critical moment. Remember that poem? In line with the conviction that I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life,regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself!

Therefore, in my opinion, Zhong Nanshan and Zhong Lao can definitely afford the four words' unparalleled national officials', and Zhong Lao is also a symbol. Behind him, there are a large group of people who have quietly paid for the house industry. In this epidemic battle, they are at the forefront!

Salute the heroes!

Zhong Nanshan's excellent composition part 2

"A promising nation cannot live without heroes, and a promising country cannot live without pioneers.". Since December 19, 2018, we have opened a special column to publish the advanced deeds of some commended personnel, tell the story of reform and opening up and socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era with vivid examples, fully show the great achievements of reform and opening up in the past 40 years, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the times with reform and innovation as the core, and guide the whole society to pay tribute to pioneers and think of others, At the new starting point of the new era, gather the great force of reform and opening up, and unswervingly carry out reform and opening up to the end.

This is the work place of Zhong Nanshan, former director of Guangzhou Institute of respiratory diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. 17 years ago, a war without gunpowder swept the world, which was once the forefront of the battlefield. Zhong Nanshan, then 67, was a soldier who stood firm.

In 2003, the epidemic was raging, and several hospitals in Guangzhou specialized in accepting SARS patients were overwhelmed.

At this time, Zhong Nanshan stood out with his call center. " Send all the serious patients to me! " Under his command, Hu institute took the lead in exploring a set of effective plans for the prevention and treatment of SARS. This experience was considered by the World Health Organization to be of guiding significance to the world's fight against SARS. Later, it became a general treatment plan, and Zhong Nanshan also became a "hero in the fight against SARS".

After SARS, Zhong Nanshan is still committed to the field of respiratory diseases. He actively assumed the role of spokesman for public health emergencies, popularized health knowledge to the public and promoted the construction of public health emergency system.

'respiratory diseases are the most important diseases that the public health emergency response system needs to deal with. At present, great achievements have been made in the construction of China's public health emergency system, and a nationwide extensive monitoring system has been established. " Zhong Nanshan said that after SARS, hundreds of disease monitoring points have been set up throughout the country, which can timely monitor the actual situation of public health events, and the diagnostic level of respiratory diseases is also improving.

Since then, medical staff and epidemic prevention institutions can quickly find the pathogen and prevent and control H1N1, h7n9 and other diseases. In 2015, Guangdong Province tracked the first imported case of respiratory syndrome in the Middle East in just over two hours.

"Academician clinic" and "academician ward round", doing scientific research and leading students. This energetic and vigorous octogenarian academician is still working in the front line of medical treatment and outpatient service.

"Next, I have two wishes. One is to make chronic obstructive pulmonary disease like hypertension and diabetes as early as possible, and the other is to develop an anticancer drug that has been developed for 26 years with other scientists." Zhong Nanshan said.

Zhong Nanshan's excellent composition three

Old lighthouse -- Zhong Nanshan

Under the gaze of thousands of netizens and supervisor Yun, huoshenshan hospital held a delivery ceremony on the morning of February 2, and patients can be admitted tomorrow; Meanwhile, Raytheon Mountain hospital will be completed on February 5. So far, the three mountains finally gathered together, adding some confidence to overcome the difficulties. In the past half a month, academician Zhong Nanshan has made several key appearances, which has largely stabilized the morale of the army

There is no doubt that this is a very special and difficult Spring Festival. He did not visit relatives and friends, nor did he go out to play. Most people were persuaded to stay at home, because he was the one who made suggestions. Even throughout the holidays, Zhong Nan Shan's three words were frequently searched. People would like to know more about what he would like to say in the face of the threatening COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic.

In fact, at the beginning, I was not familiar with the three words Zhong Nanshan, but with the outbreak of the epidemic, I gradually knew this great man.

The battle of SARS 17 years ago made Zhong Nanshan a household name and won wide public trust. Since then, whenever there are acute infectious diseases, he has been in charge of most of the list of prevention and control teams published by Guangdong Province. Even if he is over 80, it does not prevent him from taking the first line of fighting the epidemic.

This time, there are no exceptions. In recent days, the epidemic prevention and control work has affected people's hearts, and everyone is measuring with a ruler. At the same time, many people lamented that academician Zhong Nanshan woke everyone up on January 20, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. That night, Zhong Nan Shan, wearing a checked shirt, appeared in CCTV news 1+1 video link. He affirmed the phenomenon of human transmission and confirmed the infection of medical staff. He confessed that he did not know enough about New Coronavirus at the same time. He also reminded the public to wear masks, and did not go to Wuhan without special circumstances.