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Is Kim Jaejoong diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia? Kim said the diagnosis was a joke

On April 1st, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by Korean artist Kim Jaejoong, who sent a social media report. He wrote, 'I'm already in the hospital. I think my neglect caused my illness.' He said he was sorry for the impact of his personal behavior on the whole society and those who might be infected by him.

Jin Zaizhong, formerly known as' Han Zaijun ', made his debut as a member of Dongfang Shenqi in December 2003 and served as the lead singer of the group. In 2009, he starred in the film postman of heaven with Han Xiaozhou. In the same year, he chose to quit Dongfang Shenqi, and then was blocked by the company. Since April 2010, he has attended the activity as a member of JYJ and participated in the Japanese drama "unable to be honest with each other". Since then, he has also participated in Korean dramas "guard boss", "benevolent doctor", etc. Source: Beijing News