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Shandong guys have been isolated for three times in a row. Shandong men laugh about the special expe

Original title: isolation three times in a row, Shandong guy joked about the history of isolation! Netizens ridiculed: 14 days' holiday for each meeting

Recently, a small video caught fire

A guy from Shandong,

'buy one get two free' isolation experience,

Cause hot discussion among netizens

In the video,

The guy shared his recent

Three separate 'special experiences'

According to him,

He returned from the Philippines on February 6,

As required,

Conscious isolation for 14 days

I finally thought I could go out for a walk,

This laxity resulted in

As soon as I went out, I met my neighbor who came back from South Korea,

In this way, I 'sent' another 14 days of home isolation

As I watched,

Nearly a month later, the isolation period was finally coming to an end,

As a result, the man's brother returned from Singapore,

The isolation period was increased by another 14 days

After 50 days of isolation,

The boy recalled that he was light

Despite more than 50 days of home isolation,

It's common for big guys,

But this series of coincidences,

The young man couldn't help laughing

After the video is sent,

Netizens in the comment area all said:

After reading, I feel my happiness is back

@Traveler: come back a few more foreign neighbors, and your year will pass

@Zeah: 14 days' holiday for each meeting

@Chen Yao: you are a model of isolation

@Daniel: I've only been crazy for ten days. I'm happy to see your experience. There's no happiness without comparison

@Dinton: who hasn't been at home for three or four months! What is this

@I don't understand: if I meet a few more, I'll eat moon cakes this year

@Glue! Sewing tape: buy a year's lottery this year

Recently, according to the latest notice issued by Shandong,

All inbound personnel

100% centralized isolation and 2 times of nucleic acid detection

The notice requires that all inbound personnel to Lu shall be centrally isolated except for admission and medical observation. If it is not suitable for centralized isolation for special reasons, isolation measures shall be taken with the family members living together after being approved by the Municipal Leading Group (Headquarters). In addition to the confirmed cases, nucleic acid test positive, suspected cases and patients with fever and other symptoms, all the transit inbound personnel will arrive in Shandong by plane. On the day of arrival at the isolation point and the day before the expiration of isolation, the health department at the place of arrival shall be responsible for one nucleic acid test. If the entry personnel are positive for nucleic acid test, they shall carry out diagnosis, treatment and medical observation according to the regulations, and directly report the relevant information online.

Here, the evening news still wants to remind you,

Be careful not to relax!

In the face of the epidemic,

Don't take chances.