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What kind of grass does green ball use? Four groups of people avoid eating green dumplings

qingtuan is a traditional delicacy of Qingming Festival and a famous snack in Jiangnan area. Many people wonder what grass is used to dye the green of qingtuan? This article brings you the answer and the introduction of the taboo people who eat the Youth League. Let's have a look.

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Qingtuanzi is mashed with a wild plant called 'pulp wheat straw' and squeezed out the juice. Then take this juice and dry water milled pure glutinous rice powder to mix well and knead, and then start making Tuanzi. The filling center of the dumpling is made of fine sugar bean paste. When wrapping the filling, add a small piece of sugar lard. After the dough is made, put them into the cage and steam them. When they come out of the cage, brush the cooked vegetable oil evenly on the surface of the dough with a brush. Qingtuanzi is as green as jade, waxy, soft and fragrant. It tastes sweet but not greasy, fat but not plump.

What kind of grass does qingtuan use

Qingtuan is made of green wormwood.

The green color of qingtuan is mixed with wormwood juice into glutinous rice powder. Wormwood has the functions of warming meridians, removing dampness, dispersing cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, relieving asthma, relieving cough, stillbirth, anti allergy and so on. At present, some of them use wheat straw pulp, some use wormwood juice, and other green leaf vegetable juice and glutinous rice powder, and then they are stuffed with bean paste. The traditional method is generally made of green wormwood. The green regiment has a faint aroma of wormwood.

Four groups of people avoid eating green dumplings

1. It is absolutely not suitable for the elderly and children to eat green dumplings. Because glutinous rice, the main material for making qingtuan, is a very difficult food to digest. The digestive function of the elderly and children is not good. Eating qingtuan is undoubtedly making the digestive system worse for them;

2. Patients with pancreatitis and gastritis are strictly forbidden to eat qingtuan, because the glutinous rice in qingtuan will lead to the recurrence or deterioration of these inflammation;

Grow with each passing day, 3, the diabetic patients fasting the Youth League, the Youth League contains a lot of sugar, now the new product Youth League's sugar content is increasing day by day, the diabetes consumption Youth League will undoubtedly make the disease worse.

4. Patients with cholecystitis and gallstones should not eat qingtuan, which may aggravate their condition due to indigestion;

5. People with poor gastrointestinal function should not eat green dumplings

Because it is glutinous rice products, the texture is sticky and greasy. After cooling, the texture is more compact. With oil, it is more difficult to digest. Qingtuan is easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion, so it should be controlled in patients with insufficient gastric motility, excessive gastric acid and gastric ulcer.