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Why eat green dumplings on Qingming Festival? The origin and precautions of eating Youth League on Q

Qingming Festival is a traditional sacrificial festival in China, with the traditional food custom of eating the Youth League. Qingming Tuanzi, also known as Qingming Tuanzi, is a traditional snack in Jiangnan area. So why eat Qingming Festival qingtuan? This article introduces the origin and practice of eating Youth League on Qingming Festival.

The origin of Qingming eating Youth League

The custom of eating qingtuan around Qingming can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. According to the records of Zhou Li, there was a law that "in mid spring, Muduo was banned from the state by fire", so the people put out cooking and "cold food for three days". During the cold food period, food should be prepared in advance to satisfy hunger on the cold day. There is no need to raise a fire for cooking. Qingtuan is made of green wormwood (some wheat straw juice) and glutinous rice powder, and then filled with bean paste. It can be preserved for 3 ~ 5 days, which can meet people's needs of sacrifice and eating without cooking. The Youth League has spread to modern times. People eat it more to taste fresh, and its function as a sacrifice is increasingly weakened.

The practice of the Youth League

The traditional method of Green League is to make green juice first, some with tender wormwood, some with wheat pulp grass, and some with green vegetables. Mix the green juice with glutinous rice flour while it is hot and knead it into green dough. Then pick it into small dough weighing about 50g or 60g each, press it flat one by one, wrap it with bean paste filling and other fillings, close it and rub it into a round ball to form a green dough green. Spread a wet cloth in the cage, put the green dough green, steam in the pot for about 15 minutes until cooked, and then brush the green dough with oil. At present, in addition to the traditional green ball, the market also provides Malan head, meat floss, egg yolk, Baiguo, assorted, taro green ball and many other flavors.

Precautions for eating green dumplings

First of all, the amount of edible green dough should be controlled. The main component of qingtuan is glutinous rice flour, which can be regarded as a staple food. According to different fillings, the heat and fat content are different. Therefore, the consumption of green dough can not be unrestrained, it should be used as a substitute for staple food. For some green balls (such as meat floss and egg yolk green balls), they should be limited due to their high fat content and higher calories.

Secondly, the Youth League also has unsuitable groups. Qingtuan is made of glutinous rice flour. People usually eat it cold. The sticky glutinous rice hardens after cold and is difficult to digest (it is more difficult to digest if it is eaten with food with high fat). People with indigestion and lack of gastric motility should control the number of green balls and eat less each time. Because waxy food will stimulate gastric acid, qingtuan is not suitable for people with excessive gastric acid and gastric ulcer. In addition, diabetic patients are not suitable for eating Green League. Glutinous rice noodles have higher blood sugar index than white sugar. Even if they are not added to sugar, eating it is also not conducive to controlling blood sugar, so diabetic patients should be very careful.

How to buy Youth League

Because the processing cost of making grass juice of qingtuan is relatively large, laborious and time-consuming. If the pigment is used, it is obviously much simpler. Some illegal vendors will use the artificial pigment bright blue instead of grass juice to add it to the green ball, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, the purchase of Youth League should master the following points: first, try to choose large brands to buy; Second, when buying, you should pay attention to smell and look. The raw materials with thick and clear fragrance are relatively reliable. The ones with green color are the top grade, and the ones with green, black and transparent body may be added with artificial pigment.