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Pay tribute to 2020 Qingming Festival martyrs message on Qingming Festival

Pay tribute to 2020 Qingming Festival martyrs message on Qingming Festival

1. A man's inherent death is either heavier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. Revolutionary heroes cast a great wall of flesh and blood with their own lives. His death is worth it and heavier than Mount Tai!

--Rong Liu

2. Deeply mourn those heroes and great men who sacrificed their lives for the birth of new China. Because of them, we can have a happy life now! Because of them, we have our current international status! Because of them, the Chinese nation once again stands proudly among the nations of the world-- Peng Yuqin

3. My beloved revolutionary martyrs, you exchanged your life for our happy life today. I worship you and respect you. Please rest assured that we will take up the important task of building the motherland, move forward step by step, study hard and complete your unfinished wishes.

--Lu Yu

4. We should also ask ourselves whether our ideals and beliefs have been shaken, whether our sense of purpose has been weakened, and whether our dedication has faded. Looking up at the starry sky, we are firm and determined to step on the road stained with blood by our predecessors, keep our chest high and train ourselves into real heroes in the world.

--Liang Qichun

5. Heroes and martyrs, under your hard struggle, our motherland is prosperous. Today's beautiful life depends on your blood. We should study hard now and become useful talents of the motherland and contribute to the country in the future. Although you have sacrificed, you still live in our hearts. I salute you.

--Jia Peng

6. Let us approach the heroes, let the magnificent history cultivate our national spirit, let the blood and life of the martyrs nourish the national cultural soft power, let us learn from the dedication of the martyrs and build the country with the knowledge we have learned. During the Qingming Festival, we bowed our heads and prayed silently for the martyrs with solemn and stirring feelings.

--Li Qiang

7. I don't know who you are, but I know that you are a Chinese, a heroic martyr, a lovely person, a treasure of your parents, and a revolutionary martyr we admire and love. I sincerely salute you.

--Liu Jiamin

8. The glorious rejuvenation of a nation is inseparable from the dedication of heroes; The humiliation of a nation cannot be washed away without the body of a martyr. Revolutionary martyrs, you have a great life and a glorious death!

--Liu Hui

9. As a new generation of youth of the motherland, I offer you my highest respect here! It is also the Qingming Festival when the flowers bloom. I pay tribute to you. May the nine springs rest in peace and learn from you to contribute to the country!


10. Green mountains are never old, green water is carefree. It is the revolutionary martyrs who have exchanged their fiery blood for national peace and peace. Great martyrs, Chinese warriors, your heroic soul is always in our hearts!

--Zhou Ziyuan

11. The great new China has not come easily. Follow the footsteps of our ancestors and use our hands to jointly build this beautiful home.

--Mei Yan Zhe

12. The rising sun is bright and the dew is shining. Pingye Yibi, it's Qingming. Cigarettes curl and firecrackers sound. Paper money turns into a butterfly and five fruits are for supply. Death is silent, mourners are shining. Cry and tell, bless my peace.

--Li Jinxin

13. The people will not forget, the Republic will not forget, we will not forget, the martyrs are immortal.

--Kai Wang

14. With your youth and years, you have written down our beautiful life today. Your name is fresh in our memory, and your deeds will last forever!

--Qiu Rong

15. Look up and have a look at the five-star red flag flying by our Chinese nation. The indelible red is a witness of history. Heroes, we will never forget you. You are the lamp that will never go out in our hearts!

--Wang Lei

16. A glass of wine and a bunch of flowers represent our endless sorrow for the revolutionary martyrs; You threw your head and shed your blood for the establishment of new China; You have sacrificed your lives for the rise of the Chinese nation; Without you, there would be no better life for us; You live in our hearts forever!

--Cao Jinxia

17. Dear revolutionary martyrs, you irrigated the soil of the Chinese nation with your blood; You have built countless bridges with your bodies; You hold up many souls with your generous and warm hands. It is you who let the five-star red flag fly high. Revolutionary martyrs, we love you and we are grateful to you.

--Zhang Hao

18. The soul of our ancestors is like a vast long song that shakes people's hearts and souls. National martyrs are like a mighty river, which makes people's hearts clear. It is precisely because generations of Chinese people have written a national chapter with their lives that the Chinese spirit can be inherited. It is also this national spirit that has come down in one continuous line that our motherland can stand for 5000 years.

19. Why can the Chinese nation go through wind and rain without losing its spirit and have a stronger fighting spirit? Because the Chinese soul, the national soul!

--Guo Jie

20. How can we forget the heroic sacrifice of the five heroes of Langya Mountain for the motherland? How can we forget Dong Cunrui's tall figure when he blew up the bunker? How many heroes shed their blood for the motherland? They wrote the 'march of the volunteers' for the prosperity of the motherland. They dyed the five-star red flag with their own blood. As their descendants, we should make the red flag more red and the five stars more bright!


21. Remember the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, study hard, master their skills, and strive to be a good boy who loves the motherland and has lofty ideals.

--Zhang Tianpei

22. Remember the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, strive to be a good young man who studies hard and pursues progress, and a good young man with good morality, unity and fraternity.

--Feng Ziyu

23. A long tribute to the sages; Second, sacrifice to the martyrs, full of passion; Three sacrifices to ancestors, the truth is unforgettable. In the Qingming Festival, the spring breeze is gentle and smooth. Everything grows by sowing and ploughing.

--Jin Xuchang

24. The records carved on stones may gradually disappear with the passage of time, but the memory engraved in people's minds will always be clear. Do not forget the martyrs to throw away their loyal bones and revive the Chinese soul.

--Wang Lina

25. It was you who killed the enemy and defended the country when the tartar prisoners were rampant. It was you who stood up the backbone of the nation when the people mourned the national war! Martyrs, we will inherit your legacy and work together to forge the national soul!

--Li Meng

26. Drive out the border areas of TALU Town, Chinese people, heroes and loyal forever!

--Zhang Xin

27. During the Qingming Festival, it rains one after another, and pedestrians on the road want to break their souls & hellip& hellip; At the Qingming Festival, there is continuous rain. In this haze atmosphere, we pay homage to the dead soul and the dead old people, and convey our mind to the sleeping old people on this day.

28. Before burning the last one, we said goodbye to our great grandmother. The tombstone is shining with the golden light of the sun, and the forest is a gentle beam of the sun, just like the roots of a violin and delicate strings. The breeze stirs and sends out the continuous sound of birds. The day is brighter, so is my heart.

--Wang Gang

29. The carrier ship of life will never stop, but we should never stay in sadness, but work hard and cherish every minute

--LV Shuai

30. My beloved revolutionary martyrs, although you can no longer see your brave body in this world, your soul will always live in our hearts and the shame of history. We will not forget that you are the pride and example of the Chinese people.