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Handwritten report of remembering martyrs on Qingming Festival in 2020

The bravery and strength of the martyrs have built our beautiful home and provided us with the opportunity to learn knowledge, grow talents and contribute to the motherland. Another year is the Qingming Festival. How do you draw the manuscript of the martyrs for the Qingming Festival? What are the handwritten reports in memory of the martyrs on the Tomb Sweeping Day in 2020? The following is a handwritten report of the combination of Qingming Festival and epidemic situation prepared by Xiaobian for you. You are welcome to refer to it.

1. In the deep rain on the Tomb Sweeping Day, holding flowers in front of the tomb. The past is boundless, and the words of relatives are in my ears. Hateful heaven doesn't have eyes, which makes people cry. I wish the kingdom of heaven a happy companion and pray for the safety of my family!

2. The drizzle in the suburbs is floating, and the Qingming Festival is the most heartbreaking. Thousands of tears hang on your face and wet your clothes like a sea of love. Pines and cypresses stand beside the tombstone, full of thoughts. Shed tears, unforgettable meaning, filial piety to relatives, rest assured.

3. Qingming is an eternal wound in the heart, and the separation of yin and Yang is unforgettable; Qingming Festival is the root of sacrificing ancestors, full of tears; Qingming is the feeling of remembering the dead and fondly recalling the dawn. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. May the dead rest in peace.

4. Love is deep and rainy. There is love in the world and love in the sky. The sky is overcast and tearful, offering sacrifices to the dead with sadness. Thinking earnestly and intensely, I will never forget my kindness. The smoke curls and the fog is misty. The destination of heaven is free to travel. May friends: wipe away tears, cheer up God, and turn grief into strength.

5. Walk into the arms of Qingming and enjoy the perfection of spring. Laugh at the enchanting peach blossoms and listen to the laughter of the stream. From afar, the green mountains are far away, bathed in the brilliance of the sun. Taste the change of seasons and sing the perfection of life.

6. The spring breeze is like scissors, which can't cut away the wisps of missing; Flying flowers are like a dream, and the dream can't end. Qingming scenery depends on, the smoke of ancestor worship is thin, the emotion is sad and separated, and the incense is difficult to replace. I only wish the living to be safe and sincerely remember the dead.

7. When the Tomb Sweeping Day comes, health preservation should be done well. Eat regularly and reasonably. The weather is still changeable, so keep warm and protect against cold. The mood should be comfortable, and the blood pressure can be reduced. Outdoor spring outing is simple and carefree. May friends be healthy and blessed in spring.

8. Every year, clear and bright, the rain is boundless, and the tombs are silent. The cuckoo's voice is still sad, and its euphemism is desolate. Paper money flies in the depths of green pines, and tears are buried in the loess. If you ask what is the most important thing in the world, be filial and put it in your heart.

9. Paper money is flying, smoke is swirling, and it is necessary to kneel down to worship relatives. It is necessary to be polite and respect tradition. The ancestors have gone and walked well, and the children of Fuyin take the right path. The father is strict, the mother is kind, and the children and grandchildren are filial. Wealth and honor always lead a good life. I wish you a safe life!

10. Peach and plum smile during the Qingming Festival, and the wild family worries. Thunder startles the world, dragons and snakes sting, and the rain is enough to soften the original vegetation in the suburbs. Alone in a foreign land, I miss my relatives during the Qingming Festival. There is one less person on the field when you know your relatives visiting the grave. Happy Qingming Festival.

11. Ten thousand pear blossoms stand in front of the tomb, full of sadness. The ghost coin flies away, and the cigarette curls up. Clear tears thousands of lines wet grave soil, full of nostalgia for today. It's hard for our ancestors to see today's willow. Future generations will always remember the kindness of our predecessors.

12. The rain is boundless, the sky is gray, and my heart is melancholy during the Qingming Festival. The cool wind in the suburbs breaks people's intestines, and chrysanthemums bloom all over the ground. Sweep tombs and worship ancestors with tears on their clothes and burn incense in sincere mourning. Smoke filled heaven, bless the dead forever.

13. The cuckoo keeps singing, the drizzle is continuous, and the feeling is infinite. There are tombstones between pines and cypresses, lush between heaven and earth. Worship clean tears, recall the past again and again. In the past, the smile was in front of us, but now it is thousands of miles away. Only wish the living heart to move forward and create happiness every day.

14. Love is deep and rainy. I go to the cemetery during the Qingming Festival. A mourning for the dead, two lines of clear tears. Pieces of paper money turn into butterfly dance and give them to relatives to show their hearts. I hope the road to heaven is not far away and you can listen with deep affection!

15. The cool wind and drizzle are like the heart. Bring flowers and paper to the grave. Looking back on the past and recalling that year, the changes of the world were more sad and joyous. Tears like rain can't speak, kneel down and kowtow to show missing. Only wish the living heart to connect, share affection and spend time.

16. Qingming is an eternal wound in the heart, and the separation of yin and Yang is unforgettable; Qingming Festival is the root of sacrificing ancestors, full of tears; Qingming is the feeling of remembering the dead and fondly recalling the dawn. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. May the dead rest in peace.

17. Another Tomb Sweeping Day. Grandpa, Grandpa and grandma, are you in heaven? Lingling misses you very much! Often miss your voice and appearance, in memory again and again!

18. Remember those who have left memories in their lives, both past and present. Tomb Sweeping Day, the passing of perfection, remember; Laughter and embrace at the moment; Let warmth enter everyone's mobile phone number!

19. When I was young, I liked children's day. When I grew up, I began youth day. After marriage, I began father's day and mother's day. When I got old, I was afraid of Double Ninth Festival. After that, I had Qingming Day every year.

20. Offering sacrifices to the martyrs, green cypresses and green wind blowing the hill; To the sages, the green pines spit green water and flow long; The mountains are low and lofty, and the sobs of thousands of valleys are loud; The rain flutters, thousands of words of sadness and melancholy; After cold food, dip the thin wine in the cup into the fine soil. Qingming Festival, worship ancestors and pray for peace!

21. Qingming sad parting, endless period. The spring rain is soft and dense, falling on the cemetery. I remember my old friend again, and tears filled my heart. Melancholy no one for, burning incense. Everlasting longing for each other.

22. During the Qingming Festival, sacrifice is busy, and the drizzle floats, making people sad. Chrysanthemums are all over the earth, and it is difficult for the breeze to blow tears. The teachings of our ancestors are in our ears, kneeling and kowtowing are unforgettable. Only wish the Heavenly Kingdom to enjoy health and eternal happiness on earth.

23. Bathe in the continuous drizzle and tell the sadness of your heart; Gazing at the luxuriance of pines and cypresses, repose endless mourning; Hearing the cuckoo's cry, I can't hide my tears. Qingming Festival is coming. May heaven be well and the world laugh.

24. Traditional culture should not be forgotten, and Chinese virtues will always be spread. Filial sons and grandchildren are busy offering sacrifices to their ancestors. They sweep tombs and worship heartbroken. Wreath tomb came to display, sobbing and burning incense. The smoke goes up to the sky. Qi tells the dead that they are all Ji'an!

25. The Qingming rain is always continuous. It is the tears of separation; Qingming wind is always sad, that is the heart of the living, melancholy; Qingming flowers are always pure. That's the feeling of sacrifice, incisively. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. May the dead rest in peace and the living be happy!

26. Today's singing of birds and fragrance of flowers come from your warm blood; Today, uncle farmer's harvest is your golden wish & hellip& hellip; We can't forget, how can we forget. The martyrs threw their heads and shed blood. Rest in peace! Become heroes sleeping underground! You are immortal. Even if you sleep for another 10000 years, you will always be handed down by people!

27. During the Qingming Festival, the rain is floating, the willows are swinging, and the wind is rustling. The hillside of Nanshan is weeping, and the dead in heaven are quiet. Burn paper money, hang it, and kowtow to your old friend. Worship the dead again and again, looking at the distance of the jiuxiao road.

28. Ten thousand pear blossoms stand in front of the tomb, full of sadness. The ghost coin flies away, and the cigarette curls up. Clear tears thousands of lines wet grave soil, full of nostalgia for today. It's hard for our ancestors to see today's willow. Future generations will always remember the kindness of our predecessors.

29. The scenery is clear and bright, the spring scenery is beautiful, and the outing is leisurely; The sun is bright and the spring is bright. May you show your smile; Poetry flies with spring, leisurely and tightly; Heart flowers bloom with spring flowers. How wonderful the days are. Qingming, may your heart be quiet, happy and bright!

30. The misty rain of the Qingming Festival is always ecstatic, bleak for pedestrians on the road; Qingming walk always far away, still remember the kindness and smile; Qingming tender willows are always swaying, unforgettable, warm and eager; Qingming ancestor worship always remember, this life is not replaced. Qingming ballad, thinking like a breeze.

31. Snowflakes float in the past, pear flowers bloom, and spring is strong. The cold winter has passed the Qingming Festival, and the bees and butterflies dance with vitality. I hope spring brings good luck and there is no pain in the world. Life is happy, everything goes well, and family happiness is countless. I wish you a healthy and happy Qingming Festival!

32. The sky is also full of friendship rain, and the truth in the world is full of tears. The tombs are filled with earth and paper money, and tears flow down their chest and wet their clothes. It's a pity that I can't repay my old friend for his unforgettable voice and appearance. I only wish heaven and earth are auspicious, and the virtues of ancestor worship are passed on to children and grandchildren.

33. During the Qingming Festival, the memory of my old friends is hard to remember. Looking back on the past, the feeling is more sad, and the lover cries. Flowers and paper money are sacrificed in front of the grave. I only wish there was no parting in heaven. Bless the living to be healthy, happy and happy to the end!

34. Willows flutter, swallows fly, peach and apricot flowers bloom and smell. The cemetery is a sea of flowers, wreaths and tears flying in ancestor worship. Sobbing and heartbroken, worship the dead and burn paper money. A pot of turbid wine to heaven and earth, pray for peace in heaven and earth!

35. Take a heavy step towards the tomb; Bathe in the continuous drizzle and cry; Hold up the elegant chrysanthemum and immerse yourself in memories; Kneel in front of a solemn grave and remember your feelings. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. May the living cherish happiness and the dead rest in peace forever.

36. The trail is winding, and the pedestrians on the road are full of tears. Offering sacrifices to ancestors, placing stone tables and praying for the dead to enjoy. I only wish the West sky was shining and the stars were shining in the night sky. I hope the hell gate is wide open and free undead travel. Qingming Festival, ancestor worship, mourning and virtue transmission.

37. Dear grandma, grandma and aunt, and those relatives I haven't seen, you gave my relatives life. Miss you, we'll be fine, too.

38. During the Qingming Festival, it rained, and people worshipped their ancestors one after another. I miss my relatives with tears and place deep sorrow on them. Smoke curled, wine sprinkled, incense burning paper floated. The smoke swayed up and prayed for the dead to go to heaven. Qingming Festival, I wish you sorrow and pay attention to your body!

39. In the Qingming Festival, the rain is continuous, and the tears are always hard to break. A bunch of flowers are presented in front of the grave, full of sorrow for the world. Mo Yan's life is too short to cherish time. Don't let the living feel cold again. I hope their relatives are healthy!