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The picture of handwritten report of Qingming Festival under the epidemic situation in 2020 is simpl

During the Qingming Festival, our Chinese nation had the custom of worshipping our ancestors and sweeping the graves of dead relatives. We should not only sweep the tombs of our relatives, but also worship the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. How to draw a simple and beautiful picture of the handwritten newspaper of Qingming Festival under the epidemic situation in 2020? The following is the manuscript of Qingming Festival during the epidemic period prepared by Xiaobian. You are welcome to refer to it.

A glass of wine and a bunch of flowers represent our endless sorrow for the revolutionary martyrs; You threw your head and shed your blood for the establishment of new China; You have sacrificed your lives for the rise of the Chinese nation; Without you, there would be no better life for us; You live in our hearts forever.

Heroes and martyrs, under your hard struggle, our motherland is prosperous. Today's beautiful life depends on your blood. We should study hard now and become useful talents of the motherland and contribute to the country in the future. Although you have sacrificed, you still live in our hearts. I salute you.

We should also ask ourselves whether our ideals and beliefs have been shaken, whether our sense of purpose has been weakened, and whether our dedication has faded. Looking up at the starry sky, we are firm and determined to step on the road stained with blood by our predecessors, keep our chest high and train ourselves into real heroes in the world.

The glorious rejuvenation of a nation is inseparable from the dedication of heroes; The humiliation of a nation cannot be washed away without the body of a martyr. Revolution, as a new generation of youth of the motherland, I offer you my highest respect here! It is also the Qingming Festival when the flowers bloom. I pay tribute to you. May the nine springs rest in peace and learn from you to contribute to the country!

How can we forget the heroic sacrifice of the five heroes of Langya Mountain for the motherland? How can we forget Dong Cunrui's tall figure when he blew up the bunker? How many heroes shed their blood for the motherland? They wrote the 'march of the volunteers' for the prosperity of the motherland. They dyed the five-star red flag with their own blood. As their descendants, we should make the red flag more red and the five stars more bright!

Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China. Qingming Festival is coming. I bow to the revolutionary martyrs here. You sacrificed yourself for the prosperity and strength of today's Chinese nation. Generations of Chinese people will remember your meritorious deeds!

The martyrs never forget and are determined to be stronger. Fuxing Zhonghua Road is busy in offering sacrifices to ancestors during the Qingming Festival. Benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and filial piety are the motherland, ushering in a good time of prosperity.

What should you remember on Tomb Sweeping Day? It can have a faint sadness of separation, but it is by no means the sadness soaked in tears. What it needs is to remember and the power realized in the memory. It must be the power to inspire me to move forward, and it must be a blessing beyond life.

Thank you for giving your precious life for our better life. We will cherish it and study your spirit hard. In the future, we will build our country more beautiful when we grow up!

Let us remember the heroes and martyrs and open up a bright and happy future. We should take the revolutionary martyrs as an example, cherish learning opportunities, strive to learn skills well, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and strive to make greater contributions to the motherland and the people in the future. To write a chapter of the prosperity and development of the motherland!

Countless revolutionary martyrs shed their heads and shed blood in exchange for our happy life today. I want to study hard, cherish today's happy life and build our motherland more prosperous and strong!

Our happy life now depends on the blood of the older generation of revolutionary martyrs. When realizing the great 'Chinese dream', we should always remember the revolutionary martyrs!

Facing the tombstone of a hero, I have thousands of thoughts and memories. In the bloody years of war, countless Chinese people did not hesitate to throw their heads, shed blood and go through fire and water for the cause of national liberation, the peaceful reunification of the country and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. The monument of martyrs standing in front of us tells the glorious and unrepentant cause of heroes. The dust of the years has already engraved mottled marks on him, which makes us unable to recall the heavy past of the vicissitudes of life. The wars in turbulent years continue to form an exciting military song. Red notes jump in this exciting melody, They are our heroes.

Deeply mourn those heroes and great men who sacrificed their lives for the birth of new China. Because of them, we can have a happy life now! Because of them, we have our current international status! Because of them, the Chinese nation once again stands proudly among the nations of the world.

Pay tribute to the martyrs who died for their country and strive to realize the 'Chinese dream'!

Without countless revolutionary predecessors throwing their heads, sprinkling their blood and establishing new China, how can we live a happy life. Here, we deeply cherish their memory and wish their spirit to last forever and keep moving forward!

Pay high tribute to the revolutionary martyrs who are willing to throw their heads, shed blood and die generously in order to realize the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! The blood of the martyrs cannot flow in vain. The revolutionary legacy is handed down from generation to generation. Everyone is hardworking and dedicated, and the motherland will take off as soon as possible!

In the course of realizing the Centennial Chinese dream, the martyrs shed their blood and achieved national independence. Now we are moving forward bravely on the road of national rejuvenation. Thank you for paving the way for us. I believe that China in the future will realize the Chinese dream in our hands.

For the great Chinese dream, you have paid too much, even your life. I salute you.

Cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and strive for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

History will not forget them, the Republic will not forget them, and we will not forget them.

Let the heroes witness our growth and baptize our soul. Our future road has a direction. Like the martyrs, we will persist in struggle, never give up, never give up, never give in to difficulties, always keep our thoughts high, never kneel down our soul, and always be firm in our steps.

Do not forget the martyrs to throw away their loyal bones and revive the Chinese soul! Great unyielding soul, your wisdom in deeds The martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for China for thousands of years are your brilliant achievements!

Cherish the memory of the martyrs, inherit the tradition, be determined to study hard and love China.

Heroes and martyrs, under your hard struggle, our motherland is prosperous. Today's beautiful life depends on your blood. We should study hard now and become a useful talent of the motherland and contribute to the country in the future. Although you have sacrificed, you still live in our hearts. I salute you!

Brave martyrs, rest in peace. Although you have left for another world, your soul and spirit still live in our hearts. The people's heroes are immortal!