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I'm Yu huanshui. What time do you update episodes every week? I'm Yu huanshui. Update time and plot

Led by Guo Jingfei and Miao Miao, Gao Lu plays a special role. The urban theme online drama I am Yu huanshui starring Yue min, Gao ye, Feng Hui, Zhao Da, Zhang Junyi, Ning Wentong and Li Qingyu will be broadcast soon. I'm Yu huanshui. What time do you update episodes every week? This article brings you the update time and plot introduction of I am Yu huanshui.

I'm Yu huanshui. What time do you update episodes every week

I am Yu huanshui announced that it will be broadcast on iqiyi and Tencent from April 6. It will update 2 episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00 and 4 episodes a week. In the play, General Guo Jingfei plays a 'social animal', and by mistake, he has become a heroic hero and reached the peak of his life. I'm Yu huanshui

This time, Yu huanshui, played by Guo Jingfei, had no success in his career. He was often bullied by his colleagues and boss. His marriage life was getting worse and worse. He was despised by his wife every day. Moreover, his physical condition was red and was found to be terminally ill.

After learning that he was suffering from cancer, Yu Huan's temperament towards death changed greatly. A courageous act of wrong timing made him a hero and embarked on a reverse life from then on. After that, Yu huanshui faced his heart again and slowly began to change himself. He began to care about his son's growth, to find himself who had been lost, and to challenge what he dared not accomplish. After being honest with himself, he became a completely different Yu huanshui.

Yu huanshui, who was hit, followed his heart and no longer compromised. He began to compete for positions, evaded debts from his friends who had been in debt for many years, divorced his wife who had no feelings, acted bravely to save people, and so on. When he was healthy, he would never do all this and dared not think about it. I wanted to have a good day, prepare for the afterlife, plan to donate cornea, etc. the story changed dramatically again. Yu huanshui didn't get cancer. At that time, he made a mistake with his colleagues during the physical examination.

I have to say, "I'm Yu huanshui" has ups and downs and rich colors, including plot elements such as workplace, family, friendship, adventure and love, and a collection of emotional atmosphere such as despair, warmth, comedy, tears, motivation and romance. At first glance, the plot of the play is exaggerated and highly dramatic, but under the numerous elements and colors, it can be said that its background is real and pure.

The whole story is not very long. The length of 12 episodes avoids the content of water injection. I don't know whether noon sunshine can continue the previous level of making high-quality TV dramas after it sets foot in the field of online dramas. After all, the two still have different audiences and viewing habits. Of course, good works never care about form. When some netizens see 'noon sunshine + Guo Jingfei', It is also predicted that "I am Yu huanshui" has been reserved for Magnolia.