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2020 Qingming Festival pays tribute to the handwritten picture of the epidemic situation. Students c

In this day when the epidemic is not over, we should travel carefully. The Qingming Festival will come as scheduled. For the time being, please bear your heart that you want to go outing and sacrifice. What are the handwritten reports of the epidemic on the Qingming Festival in 2020? What are the handwritten reports of Qingming Festival during the epidemic?

Content 1 of the manual report of the epidemic situation on Tomb Sweeping Day in 2020:

1. How to protect yourself?

I Wear a mask

II Wash hands frequently and keep hands clean

III Keep the room ventilated and clean

IV Maintain good respiratory hygiene habits

V Do not contact animals with unknown health status

Vi Visit relatives and friends less, have fewer parties and meals, and go to crowded places less

VII In case of respiratory tract infection, seek medical attention in time

2. What should the returnees do in Wuhan (via Wuhan and Hubei)?

I Active home isolation for 14 days

II Actively report information to the community (neighborhood committee)

III Actively report abnormalities to medical institutions

3. What about fever, cough and fatigue symptoms?

If you and your family have fever (axillary temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃), please wear a mask to the nearest designated fever clinic, inform the medical staff of your travel experience and symptoms, and cooperate with the medical staff to make arrangements for investigation and disinfection.

2020 Qingming mourning phrase:

1. In the Qingming Festival, willows are clinging to each other, missing old friends and smiling at tomorrow.

2. The sound of cuckoos and frogs is bleak. In the Qingming Festival, rain and tears are falling one after another.

3. Relatives have traveled in the fairyland, but there is no blessing for their children and grandchildren. Wandering thousands of miles, how to think.

4. This year's Qingming Festival, I want to live a life, live a wonderful life, and live my life!

5. Do you still remember the people you used to like, the fragments of memories, laughter and sadness.

6. Head down! Laugh at yourself, drink alone and whisper at the grave. How can you meet Qing in front of the bridge?

7. The sky is clear, the clouds are flying, the night is falling, and the spring rain is like the fragrance of tea. My heart is still swinging.

8. I dreamed of you a few days ago. How are you in heaven? May we be classmates and friends in the next life.

9. You've been away for five years. How are you there? I've never swept your grave once in recent years. Do you blame me?

10. The willows are green, the scenery is new, and the peach blossoms meet each other with a smile. It's Qingming every year, and now it's spring.

11. It rains one after another during the Qingming Festival. It is time to miss our ancestors. Civilization and customs are blowing all over the world. Sea burial and tree burial are for thousands of years.

12. I seldom talk about my mother to my lover. Every time I talk about it, I have to cry, uncontrollable tears.

13. The Tomb Sweeping Day is a festival for ancestors. It conveys people's feelings and thoughts. Don't be extravagant and superstitious. It inherits the legacy and passes it on to future generations. The ancestors comfort and laugh at Jiuquan.

14. The ancients have long known that Qingming is a good season and a good day for family members to gather, drink and have fun.

15. Grandpa and grandma, there is no pain and danger in heaven. I wish you all the best there. Maozi misses you very much!

16. Qingming is coming, and my heart starts to ache. This pain has never disappeared. Only when there is no one, it is more true.

17. Day and night think of the king but not see the king, and month and month want to kiss and not be there. How are you doing over there! Everything is fine at home, no need to worry!

18. Nuo Da's world yearns for barren space, goes to the most desolate place and has the most beautiful dream. Then, disappeared in a corner.

19. Miss your father, if you're here & hellip& hellip; Every time I think of you, I miss you very much. How good our family would be if we were here!

20. The clear sky is calm and the mountain road is fragrant; The yearning of family affection is endless. Even if there is sadness, the warm feelings will always exist in the bottom of my heart.