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Sideburns are not Begonia red character relationship diagram sideburns are not Begonia red character

There are many characters in the TV series "sideburns are not begonias red", and many viewers can't understand the character relationship in the play. This article brings you the character relationship and character introduction. Let's have a look.

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Profile analysis and relationship diagram of people whose temples are not Begonia red

1. Introduction to Cheng Fengtai's personas

The patriotic businessmen of the new school who are obsessed with Beijing Opera and are handsome and handsome like opera under the influence of Shang Xirui. Under the turbulent background of the Republic of China, he was determined to help the country and save the country. At the same time, he also contributed to the revitalization and inheritance of the quintessence of Peking Opera.

2. Character introduction of Shang Xirui

In order to gain a foothold in Peiping and carry forward opera, he devoted himself to the ocean of art. In this process, he made friends with Cheng Fengtai, a new rich businessman. When the mountains and rivers are shaking, I can't bear to bury the great mountains and rivers and the quintessence of Chinese art. I stick to my patriotic enthusiasm and fight the cruel fate to the end.

3. Fan xianger persona introduction

Cheng Fengtai's wife, a fierce northeast girl, supports Cheng Fengtai's career and faith very much.

4. Chang Zhi's new persona introduction

Fan xianger's cousin and Jiang mengping's husband

Sideburns are not the fate of Begonia Red's main characters

At the end of the novel, Fengtai was leaving. She gave Shang Xirui a ticket and said she would wait for him at the station. But Shang Xirui said there was a play that day, so he wouldn't leave. But that day, he didn't sing. Monitor Li, Cheng Meixin's guard, saw Shang Xirui running towards the railway station. Did Cheng Fengtai wait for Shang Xirui? The ending of the novel gave an open end.