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The first prize of handwritten report on Qingming Festival

In 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, Qingming Festival advocates people to sacrifice in network civilization and make their own contributions to combating the epidemic situation. Qingming Festival is a traditional festival in China. Students can be educated by using Qingming Festival, and students can also strengthen their education by making handwritten newspapers. What are the good-looking handwritten newspapers for combating the epidemic situation on Qingming Festival? We have prepared some works of the first prize of the handwritten newspaper of the 2020 anti epidemic Qingming Festival. Let's have a look!

Sacrifice heroes online, mourn the martyrs, revitalize China, build a prosperous and strong society, and revive the Chinese dream!

14. Without your heroic dedication, we would not have a happy life today! It is you who hold up tomorrow's sun with a clank iron bone! It is you who cast the glory of the motherland with indomitable courage! Your name will last forever, and your spirit will last forever! Salute you! Learn from you!

15. Pay tribute to the martyrs! You are the pride and symbol of the Chinese nation. We spread our wings with dreams, fly with longing, strive to be civilized students and create a civilized campus.

16. In front of these ancestors, make an oath of no regrets. Please raise your right hand and let us swear together: love the motherland, pursue truth, and be determined to become a new generation with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, abide by the code of students' moral behavior, be honest and trustworthy, be strict in self-discipline, establish a good style of study, and be a moral person, Make contributions to the prosperity of the motherland in the future!

17. The name engraved on the monument is the life and glorious life of the revolutionary martyrs and heroes. They have left us precious wealth, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and the national spirit of our Chinese nation. The martyrs told the world with their blood and lives that we are inviolable and invincible.

18. We will never forget the heroes and martyrs who gave their lives for China. ***

19. Several revolutionary martyrs, for the sake of national independence and people's liberation, do not hesitate to throw their heads and shed their blood. Their achievements are always worthy of our memory and their spirit is always worthy of our admiration! We can only comfort the martyrs if we make our motherland richer and stronger! "

20. Our happiness is bought by the blood of these martyrs! Without you to protect our motherland, we can't laugh now. We must still be bullied by foreigners. Therefore, as the 'younger generation' of the motherland, we must study hard and defend the motherland like you in the future. We must not let your sacrifice in vain!

21. How many heroes shed their blood for the motherland. They wrote the 'march of the volunteers' with their own lives for the prosperity of the motherland. They dyed the five-star red flag with their own blood. As their descendants, we should make the red flag scarlet and the five stars brighter.

22. It is glorious for a people's hero to sacrifice his life for the sake of the motherland, not afraid of difficulties and hardships. You may want to _, Give up your family for everyone, but we will spread your name in poetry and sing praises to your deeds!

23. You can sacrifice my life and never give up my faith.

24. Martyrs, with your hard work, our motherland will be prosperous and strong, and will have a better life now. The flowers of our motherland will bloom more and more vigorously. These are bought with your blood. We must study hard, make contributions to our motherland and fulfill your unfinished wishes.

25. Pay tribute to the martyrs! You are the pride and symbol of the Chinese nation. We spread our wings with dreams, fly with longing, strive to be civilized students and create a civilized campus.

26. The lives of the martyrs have brought peace and tranquility to China. The blood of the martyrs has inspired the courage and loyalty of the Chinese people. The living life should be happy and happier; The great motherland should be strong and stronger!

27. What should you remember on Qingming Festival? It can have a faint sadness of separation, but it is by no means the sadness soaked in tears. What it needs is to remember and the power realized in the memory. It must be the power to inspire me to move forward, and it must be a blessing beyond life.

28. There is only one death in life. What you want to live is meaningful and what you want to die is valuable.

29. Pay deep tribute to the martyrs! As an educator in the new era, facing the smiling face of flowers every day, I know how important and glorious my work is. We want to let the new generation of children in the motherland know that their happy and stable life is bought by your blood and life; We should let them know how to be grateful, love life, love the motherland, and live up to the huge price you have sacrificed for the motherland; We want them to carry forward the national spirit, learn from your perseverance and your heroic struggle, and be ready to realize our common 'Chinese dream'!

30. Pay tribute to the heroes through the Internet, never forget the heroic deeds of those martyrs, and always have loyalty in your heart. Heroes always live in our hearts.

31. Dear martyrs, although you have passed away, your glorious deeds and loud names have been widely spread among people, affecting generation after generation.

32. Today, our happy life is bought by the revolutionary martyrs who fought bravely with blood and life. On the occasion of Qingming Festival, I will pay tribute to and learn from the martyrs. You have always lived in our hearts.

33. These flowers are your smiles. See today's motherland is so prosperous, how brilliant you smile; Seeing our positive and energetic, I believe your smile will be more beautiful. Maybe I have no chance to defend the dignity of my motherland with my life, but I will study hard and become the pillar of my motherland in the future.

34. Today is Tomb Sweeping Day. Most people went to the cemetery. But those revolutionary soldiers also need to be concerned, because they sacrificed their precious lives for future generations to live a happy life. Dear revolutionary martyrs, we admire and admire you, take you as an example and strive for a better motherland and future.

35. Tombstones represent the same loyalty. Their desperate fighting brought the present and future of the motherland. They persevered, devoted themselves to the revolution and finally made glorious sacrifices. They are real heroes. I admire the martyrs and love the motherland. I am extremely proud of being a Chinese. I will love the motherland with my own blood, carry forward the glorious tradition of the motherland and create a brilliant tomorrow.

36. The people will not forget, the Republic will not forget, we will not forget, and the martyrs will be immortal.

37. Every time I see the five-star red flag, I think of you, martyrs. Your blood donation dyed it red!

38. The great new China has not come easily. Following the footsteps of our ancestors and with our hands, we will jointly build this beautiful home.

39. Remembrance__ The great achievements of the martyrs, study hard, master their skills, and strive to be a good boy who loves the motherland and has lofty ideals.

40. Why can the Chinese nation go through the wind and rain without losing its spirit and have a stronger fighting spirit? Because the Chinese soul, the national soul!

41. Dear heroes, thank you for bringing us a peaceful life. Without your contribution, we would not live a happy life now. When I grow up, I will study hard and build a better motherland.

42. Countless revolutionary martyrs shed their heads and blood for today's happy life. With blood and life in exchange for today's stability and peace. I must study hard, cherish the happy life now, and build the prosperity of our country together.

43. Heroes, I am here to pay tribute to you. Under your hard struggle, our motherland is prosperous. Today's good life is inseparable from your heroic deeds. We must study hard and become a useful talent who can contribute to our country.

44. They are road signs, they are monuments, but they are heroes. A moving story, an admirable belief and an awesome military soul. Castle Peak buried his loyal head, and his deeds will be recorded in history forever. Revolutionary martyrs always have lofty spirit and immortal spirit.

45. On the vast and broad land of China, countless revolutionary martyrs fought bravely on the battlefield full of smoke for the happy life of the people, the liberation of the nation and the prosperity and strength of the motherland until the last drop of blood. Now they sleep forever under this hot land. Thank you for writing the greatest patriotic poem with your blood and life. On the occasion of Qingming Festival, I salute you.

46. The river has been endless for a long time, but it has not destroyed our memory of revolutionary martyrs. Every inch of the land where they fought bloody battles in those years had beautiful flowers, plants and trees. We must cherish the hard won life now and bear in mind the historical responsibility and the mission of every Chinese.

47. Remembrance__ The great achievements of the martyrs strive to be a good young man who studies hard and pursues progress, and a good young man with good morality, unity and fraternity.

48. With your youth and years, you have recorded our beautiful life today. Your name is vivid in our memory, and your deeds will last forever!

49. Thank you, hero. You dyed the five-star red flag with your blood. We will cherish and cherish the five-star red flag you bought with your blood!

50. Our happy life now depends on the older generation__ The martyrs bought it with blood. We should always remember it when realizing the great 'Chinese dream'__ martyr!

51. A sacrifice to the sages, with long respect; Two sacrifices to the martyrs__ Full of; Three sacrifices to ancestors, the truth is unforgettable. In the Qingming Festival, the spring breeze is gentle and smooth. Everything grows by sowing and ploughing.

52. The martyrs never forget and are determined to be stronger. Fuxing Zhonghua Road is busy in offering sacrifices to ancestors during the Qingming Festival. Benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and filial piety are the motherland, ushering in a good time of prosperity.

53. May the martyrs rest in peace and sleep forever, because with you, our life will become better. We must follow your path__ Brave Road, strive hard and revitalize the motherland!

54. To__ Salute the martyrs! Thank the martyrs for exchanging their lives and blood for our happy life today! The greatness of life and the glory of death! Your spirit is immortal!

55. I don't know who you are, but I know that you are Chinese, a heroic martyr, a lovely person, a treasure of your parents, and a treasure we admire and love__ Martyrs, salute.

56. __ Martyrs, you died for the interests of the people. Your death is more important than Mount Tai. You are with the green mountain and you are with the earth forever. You will always be a monument in our hearts.

57. The moon shines on the history of Lugou, which is full of blood and tears. Family hatred and national hatred will never be forgotten. It is the truth to strengthen the army and enrich the country! On the anniversary of the September 18th Incident, the alarm bell rings for a long time, work hard and wish the motherland stronger!

58. Green mountains are never old and green water is carefree. Yes__ The martyrs exchanged their fiery blood for the peace and tranquility of the country. Great martyrs, Chinese warriors, your heroic soul is always in our hearts!

59. The records engraved on stones may gradually disappear with the passage of time, but the memory engraved in people's minds will always be clear. Do not forget the martyrs to throw away their loyal bones and revive the Chinese soul.