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A serious car accident in Huangdai, Suzhou resulted in the rear end collision of four cars, resultin

Car accident in Huangdai, Suzhou

Original title: a Taiwanese driver was killed in a car accident in Huangdai, Suzhou

At 14:03 on March 31, a four car rear end collision accident occurred at the intersection of Chunshen Road and Huayang Road, Huangdai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou!

One person was killed and no other casualties were caused.

Guo Moumou, the driver of the hit white Honda car (male, 28 years old, from Sheyang), was seriously injured and died.

The driver Yang Moumou (male, 43 years old, Taiwanese, lives in Kunshan City) has been controlled by the police and the cause of the accident is under investigation.

Previously reported:

A car crashed into a car at top speed in Huangdai Town, Suzhou

On the afternoon of March 31, a serious car accident occurred on Chunshen Road, Huangdai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. The video shows that a car runs at high speed and collides with many vehicles, and the vehicle has been seriously deformed.

After preliminary investigation by the police, the driver Yang Moumou first ran away after colliding with a vehicle parked on the roadside on chunye Road, Huangdai town. The escape speed was as high as 150 km / h. During the crazy escape, he hit the white Honda car waiting for the red light in front of the rear end, resulting in a series of rear end collisions. The directly hit Honda car driver Guo Moumou (male, 28 years old, from Sheyang) was seriously injured, He died after being sent to the hospital for rescue.

Car accident in Huangdai, Suzhou

In the red circle is the perpetrator Yang

What makes people angry is that Yang has always been indifferent since he killed the former car victim. It can be seen from the videos of the police at the scene of the accident and later blood test and evidence collection that even if a living young life has just disappeared in his hands, Yang seems to have done nothing wrong. This despicable act of ignoring other people's lives, We must be severely punished.

With his legs crossed, Yang looked indifferent

It can be seen from the accident video at the scene that Yang's driving speed is very fast, far exceeding the speed that a normal person can drive, which can explain why the front car directly hit almost completely disintegrated.

Almost disintegrated front car

According to Article 115 of Chapter II of Part II of the criminal law, whoever sets fire, breaks water, explodes, releases toxic, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens and other substances or uses other dangerous methods to cause serious injury or death to people or cause heavy losses to public or private property shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.

After the accident, Yang drove away at a super high speed in the crowded streets in the urban area, resulting in the death of Guo, who was only 28 years old, and the damage of several cars. Moreover, Yang had no repentance for his criminal behavior after the accident. His actions have been fully applicable to the crime of endangering public security by dangerous methods, and strongly demanded that he be executed.