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What do you think of the four reasons why Chinese Super League players oppose salary reduction?

CSL players oppose salary reduction

Original title: Chinese Super League players oppose salary reduction: four reasons become jokes, and the senior management of the football association should reflect

The salary reduction of the five major leagues has become the most lively topic in the world football world, and this voice has also continued to the Chinese football world. The author and Mingji Ma Dexing all called for the salary reduction of the Chinese Super League. The author called for starting from the international and foreign aid, we must cut off the big salary of the two clubs first. However, we are just calling for it. After all, it is really difficult to implement it. The first thing to bear the brunt is that Chinese players oppose salary reduction.

Late last night, AI Zhibo, a player of Wuhan Zhuoer club, issued a document against the salary reduction. He listed four reasons:

The first is that the Chinese team is less affected by the epidemic, and the team does not rely on broadcast sharing and surrounding commercial development as the main source of economy.

The second is that Chinese players are training during the epidemic.

The third is that there are more industries making money than the football circle. Is it interesting for everyone to stare at the football circle?

Fourth, the domestic policies and regulations on temporary unemployment are not perfect, so it is difficult for the CSL to make a decision on salary reduction.

China's players make complaints about nothing is right. Ai Zhibo's four reasons for these reasons are: in the last article, "the ball is bad, the Chinese Super League players are different: the China League is different. The decision to pay a cut is not good enough" has been criticized by one analysis. Chinese players are so bitter. No achievement is wrong. Ai Zhibo's reasons are not good for fans. But behind these reasons, In fact, there is only one point to criticize, that is, the Chinese Football Association.

Among the four reasons we see AI Zhibo, three are directly related to the Chinese Football Association:

The first is the professional level of Chinese teams. At present, they all rely on the blood transfusion of the parent company, rather than the real professionalization, self-sufficiency and survival of clubs through commercial development.

The second is that the CSL does not.

The third is when the League will start. If it starts in July, it will be decided this month. Now the clubs do not train well during the epidemic, and it is not good if they do not train.

This is the professional league created by the Chinese Football Association. It is a typical mess, which makes the CSL players feel that under the influence of the epidemic on the economic level of the CSL team, the reason is that the European team survives by dividing into commercial peripheral development, and the CSL team does not survive by peripheral and broadcasting fees. What kind of logic is this? It's a great joke to be not ashamed but proud. Doesn't the Chinese football association need to take the main responsibility?

Therefore, AI Zhibo really has the courage to criticize the Chinese Football Association. This is the most important point to criticize. At the beginning of the new season, the football association has issued a salary limit policy, but it is also very wonderful. There is a salary increase for entering the national team. This is the wonderful Chinese football environment. Isn't entering the national team the due pursuit of a professional athlete? How can I get a raise after entering? A professional league access team has been delayed for 3 months without an answer, which makes people speechless.