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Hello, April aestheticism circle of friends, talk about your April copywriting super literary senten

Hello, April aestheticism circle of friends, talk about your April copywriting super literary sentences

March has passed and April has begun. The spring is waiting for you. What are your beautiful sentences in April? Let's have a look!

The swallow whispered and brought a wet spring. The dream of pear flower is gently awakened by the east wind. Unconsciously, the wandering in January, the hesitation in February and the waiting in March have become an untouchable past. A quarter of the year has been quietly cut off. What we are about to embrace is the lovely April.

Hello, April. The spring breeze on the field is bright, and the soil is brewing the fragrance of grass. The soft clouds took a nap and the kite floated in the distance. Taste the newly baked green dumplings. Everything is just sweet.

In April, you should let go. Those old anxieties, just stay in the past. Don't continue to hit the south wall. There are too few things that can be completed in life. You can't want everything. Free up the space in your heart and drive away the complicated thoughts. At the moment, it is clear at four o'clock and everything is lovely. You have many opportunities to taste the smoke and fire in the world and look forward to the wind and moon in the future. There is no need to cling to what has happened, put down the past, cherish the present, and don't live up to your time.

Hello, April. The cherry blossoms in the alley will not fall, lingering with a green branch and leaf. From a distance, there is a sad flute, but the shepherd boy beat his horse. Quietly swallow a moon, eyebrows, eyes and heart are clear and thorough.

In April, you should be happy. Buy a favorite skirt and let the breeze gently blow over the skirt. When spring comes, even hair is happy. Don't let busyness hide tenderness. Search for fragments of life and put them in your piggy bank. Life is plain, there is a plain way to live. Even if it is not vigorous enough, you can have a long stream of water.

Eat on time, exercise regularly, and plant a wisp of vigorous spring breeze. Sleep well and have a good dream. Every day's bad mood will be cleared at night. Always keep gentle kindness to the world, and all luck will be hidden in tenderness.

Hello, April. The plum flavored sunset hung far away in the sky. The lights on the roadside reflected the human figure. Scoop a spoonful of strong wind, grind it into ink and send half a paper, and the mind was also blown unsteadily.

In April, we should meet by chance. Bask in the sun with the people you like and properly collect all your sadness. You should believe that no matter the mountains are high and the rivers are long, or the road is bumpy, there will always be someone who will cross the mountains and seas for you, wash away the flashiness and noise, and wash your hands and make soup with you.

Your sorrow, your joy, your pain and your joy are warmly received by him at the bottom of his heart. In April, there was never a lack of stories. Slowly boil the red beans, you will find that spring is hidden in your lover's eyes.

Hello, April. The candle shadow swayed in the painting hall, and the curtain rolled up to make more noise. The star is sleeping in the Milky way, and the dawn is still slightly cold, drilling into the thin spring light clothes.

In April, we should work hard. Say goodbye to laziness and depression. If you want to get things in the world, please become yourself in the world first. Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, charge well, work hard, plant your own flowers and love your own forest.

As long as you are not afraid of fate and seriously move towards the unknown, even if the whole universe is long, you can always find your own coordinate system. Life is still long. From now on, it's still time.

Hello, April. The crimson clouds hang in the green space. The sky is as bright as glass. The lights on earth are as faint as before. Plants and trees love time and cook a bowl of burning green.

April should be free and easy. Live freely like spring, don't care about what's not, and enjoy happiness when happiness appears; When sadness appears, swallow it. The world is wide and life is beautiful. As long as there are gullies in your heart, no matter whether there are thorns in front or not, the road you walk will become a broad and smooth road.

Keep the temperature hot, embrace the soul hot, and your enthusiasm will be digested by the years. Go forward, step by step, you will eventually become what you like.

Flowers in April are poems written by spring to the world. In April, everything is getting better and everything can be expected. Don't waste, don't waste, may you always have enthusiasm, have everything you want and let go of everything you can't get.

Please believe: everything goes well, not just spring.