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Tomb Sweeping Day commemoration of epidemic martyrs handwritten report 2020 Tomb Sweeping Day epidem

Qingming Festival is a traditional day to worship ancestors, sweep tombs and remember old friends. Affected by the epidemic of pneumonia, Qingming Festival in 2020 advocates civilized sacrifice. What are the handwritten reports of remembering the martyrs of the epidemic on Qingming Festival? The following is a copy of the 2020 Qingming Festival epidemic situation heroes' hand newspaper picture prepared by Xiaobian for you. Welcome to come and refer to it.

Ancient poems describing the Qingming Festival

1. Qingming Day wine

Author: Gao Zhu

There are many tomb fields on the north and South Mountains, and there are various tomb sweeping ceremonies during the Qingming Festival.

Paper ashes fly as white butterflies, and tears and blood stain as red cuckoos.

At sunset, the fox sleeps on the grave and returns to the children laughing in front of the lamp at night.

When there is wine in life, you should be drunk. How can a drop ever reach Jiuquan.

2. Tomb Sweeping Day

Author: Meng Haoran

The emperor pays attention to Qingming and the people are worried.

The sound of the car on the road, Liu se, Dongcheng Cui.

Flowers and grass grow together, and birds fly and butterflies play.

Sit in the empty hall and remember each other. Drink tea and chat instead of drunk.

3. Qingjiang River Diversion & middot; Travel tomorrow in the Qing Dynasty

Author: Wang pan

Where is the smoking ban in the West building? The green field is clear.

Horses hiss through willows, people smile on the swing, and exploring Yinghua always teaches spring to get drunk.

4. Chang'an Qingming Festival

Author: Wei Zhuang

Fleas hurt spring dreams. On rainy days, fragrant grass can be more Qianqian.

The inner official gave Qingming fire at the beginning, and the upper phase was free to divide the money for nothing.

The Purple Street hissed and yelled, and the green poplar painted a swing.

Visitors remember Chengping and secretly like the scenery in the past.

5. Guiling & middot; Passenger window Qingming

Author: Qiao Ji

Ups and downs, pear flowers, narrow cord curtains, clever small window screens. In front of the mood lamp, the guest cherishes the pillow and worries about the ends of the world.

Three thousand feet clear worry sideburns, 50 years of spring dream prosperity. Suddenly, when I saw someone else, the willows shared smoke and helped them to the eaves.

6. Chaozhongcuo & middot; Qingming Festival

Author: Zhang Yan

The sound of rain in the Qingming Festival. Tide embraces watou sand. Looking through the cold pear blossoms, life is bitterly in love with the ends of the world.

Swallow curtain, Orioles, cloud windows and fog pavilions, drunken crows. Break a willow and insert it into whose house when you return.

7. Qingming

Author: Wang Yucheng

No flowers, no wine, Qingming, like a wild monk.

Yesterday, neighbors begged for a new fire, dawn window and reading lamp.

8. Qingming night

Author: Bai Juyi

It's a fine wind, hazy moon, clear and bright night, and the Bi brick red Pavilion stabs the historian.

Walk around the cloister and rest alone, listen to the string tube remotely and look at the flowers secretly.

9. Renxu Qingming

Author: Qu Dajun

The morning is light and cold, and the evening is overcast. I don't feel the depth of spring in my sorrow.

Falling flowers have tears because of wind and rain, and birds sing ruthlessly since ancient times.

The country is dreamy, and the Chinese people are sold again.

The dragon and snake return to nowhere all over the world, and the cold food is pathetic and hospitable every year.

10. Qing tomorrow

Author: Wen Tingyun

In the Qing'e painting fan, the spring trees are golden and red. Out of the flowers and dew, go through the weak willow wind.

Ma Jiao avoided the cage, and the chicken opened the cage. Who made the zhehe play? The Oriole is separated from the Forbidden City.