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VINT Cerf, the father of the Internet, is 76 years old and won the Turing Award

According to foreign media reports, the father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, was positive for COVID-19.

Vinton gray Cerf (Winton & middot; CERF) tweeted on the 30th of last month that he tested positive for covid-19 and is currently recovering.

It is reported that Vinton gray Cerf is one of the co designers of TCP / IP protocol and Internet architecture. He once designed and created ARPANET for the U.S. Department of defense, which is the predecessor of the global Internet. Vinton gray Cerf, known as one of the 'fathers of the Internet', has won the Turing Award issued by the American computer society. At present, he is 76 years old and serves as vice president and chief Internet consultant of Google.