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Imperfect. Is she a martial arts pervert? Profile of martial actor Jiang Yunlin

recently, the popular urban female TV series "imperfect she" has attracted the attention of many viewers. The martial character in the play made many people curious about him because of his mistreatment of his girlfriend's daughter Liansheng. Imperfect. Is she a martial arts pervert? Who is the warrior? This article brings you the analysis of the martial role and the profile of the martial actor Jiang Yunlin.

Imperfect. Is she a martial arts pervert

In the TV series "imperfect her", a plot in which father Shangwu tried various ways to torture his daughter Liansheng made many viewers angry. Many viewers were discussing whether Shangwu was a pervert? Why treat Liansheng like this?

Shang Wu is mu Jing's boyfriend. Mu Jing is a single mother. In the play, Mu Jing is undoubtedly a selfish woman. She cares more about whether she can live freely than her daughter Mu Liansheng's happiness. She doesn't want to live alone with her children. She wants to rely on martial arts and let martial arts become her spiritual support. However, martial arts doesn't like Mu Liansheng at all. She thinks Lian Sheng is the one who is redundant. He wants Mu Liansheng to disappear in the world as soon as possible.

He asked Liansheng to cooperate with him in those abnormal games. When playing the game, he broke his head and shut Liansheng in the carton for mu Jing to guess riddles. The glass bottle was filled with water and hit Liansheng's head. He dressed Liansheng up and pretended to seduce him. Finally, he closed Liansheng in a cage, turned on the natural gas switch, overheated the house in the microwave oven and burned Liansheng.

Profile of martial actor Jiang Yunlin

In this TV play, the warrior who is considered abnormal is played by actor Jiang Yunlin.

In reality, Jiang Yunlin is a handsome young man. He was born in Taiwan, China in 1989. He is a graduate of environmental engineering at the University of light river. He is a student of the first class of the Shan Xia school. Now he is a contract artist of Chen Kun and Xun Zhou's economic company.

When Jiang Yunlin was in college, he entered the performing arts circle because of shooting advertisements for Paris life insurance. His first work was the drama song of underwater loneliness, and later he was played in funeral in winter and performance class.