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What is the imperfect Japanese version of her? What's the difference between the imperfect and her a

Recently, the popular urban women's drama "imperfect she", starring Zhou Xun and Huang Jue and starring Hui Yinghong and Zhao Yazhi, has attracted a lot of attention. The drama is remade from the Japanese drama "mother" in 2010. The character played by Xun in the play is Lin Xuzhi. Hui Yinghong plays yuan Ling, Lin Xuzhi's adoptive mother, and Zhao Yazhi plays Zhong Hui, Lin Xuzhi's biological mother. Lin Xuzhi was abandoned since childhood. She stubbornly looks for her biological mother. What's the difference between her imperfect adaptation? Let's have a look.

However, the imperfect she is not confined to the original version. It has made a substantial localization adaptation on the basis of the original version. It is not mainly from the perspective of children like the Japanese version, but more from the perspective of Lin Xuzhi.

From the experience of watching this play, this so-called "imperfect she" which has been adapted a lot is enough to make the audience feel heavy. I really don't know how much the original Japanese drama will suffer.

Different from the Japanese version, the imperfect she takes Lin Xuzhi's mother seeking process as the main line, and highlights Lin Xuzhi's subjective feelings. Lin Xuzhi resented his biological mother's abandonment, but he couldn't help looking for his biological mother and exploring the reasons why his biological mother abandoned himself. Because 'being abandoned' has become her traumatic memory. The journey of finding her mother is also her journey of self acceptance and self redemption.

Maternal love is a particularly great emotion. In order to make their children have a better life, mothers bear hardships and choose the latter in work and company. Even the timid mother will stand up at the moment when her child meets danger and will not allow her child to be hurt.

But sometimes, maternal love is contradictory. Because of some compelling reason, I have to abandon my children. Obviously, I don't want to give up, but I still have to bear the pain to leave. In the latest online female theme online drama "imperfect she", there is such a mother who is forced to abandon her child. Not because I don't love, but because I love too much and can't bear to hurt my child.

When Lin Xuzhi's biological mother Zhong Hui was young, she was raped by her husband Li Ze for a long time. But the difference is that she never wanted to give up Lin Xuzhi. She gave up Lin Xuzhi because she wanted to take the charge of arson for her children and protect Lin Xuzhi from her husband. She spent more than ten years in prison for this.

After her release from prison, although she found her daughter through Lin Xuzhi's adoptive mother yuan Ling, she only dared to look at Lin Xuzhi from a distance out of a good mood for her daughter. When she met Lin Xuzhi because of Mu Liansheng, she silently tried to help Xu Zhi fulfill her wish.