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Zhengzhou will issue 400 million consumption coupons. How to get and use Zhengzhou consumption coupo

Attention, all citizens of Zhengzhou

The city government is going to pay benefits

'warm spring Zhengzhou' online shopping savings

The government's "new big move" to promote consumption shocked

The municipal government asks you to get the consumption voucher for free

In order to further enhance consumer confidence, release consumer potential, give play to the basic role of consumption, protect the living standards of low-income groups from the epidemic, and promote stable economic and social development, Zhengzhou Municipal People's government will issue nearly 400 million yuan of consumption vouchers to the society.

It is understood that Zhengzhou is the first city in the province to issue consumer vouchers. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of commerce that the issuance of consumption vouchers in our city is divided into dividend consumption vouchers and social consumption vouchers. The bonus consumption coupons shall be distributed by relevant departments to the four categories of relief objects, such as minimum living allowance, low income, special hardship and preferential treatment, with 500 yuan per person; Social consumption coupons are 320 million yuan, including inclusive consumption coupons, department store consumption coupons, catering consumption coupons and automobile consumption coupons, which are led by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

This is the first issue of inclusive consumption coupons

A total of 50 million yuan was robbed on April 3

'knock on the blackboard' please pay attention

Phase I consumption voucher

How to send it, where to get it, how to use it, and what to pay attention to

Now let's focus



The first issue of consumption coupons will be issued on time at 10:00 a.m. on April 3, with a total of 1 million consumption coupons, with a total amount of 50 million yuan.


From where?

The first issue of consumption coupons is issued in the form of electronic consumption coupons, which can be claimed by all personnel in Zheng (including those coming to Zheng). Users can collect the tickets in the home page activity area of APP or Alipay APP, and each person is restricted to one copy (one includes 5 coupons, one is a consumer card package, the card is worth 50 yuan, including 2 5 yuan, 2 10 yuan, 1 20 yuan).


How to use it?

The first phase of consumption coupons can only be used in offline physical stores in our city. Customers who have already received the voucher can be used by the mobile phone Alipay APP to open checkout accounts under the Alipay payment function offline. You can use 5 yuan coupons for shopping over 28 yuan, 10 yuan coupons for shopping over 38 yuan and 20 yuan coupons for shopping over 78 yuan.

The first issue of consumer vouchers is valid until April 15. The same user can use up to 2 consumption vouchers in the same merchant every day, and each consumption is limited to 1. If the consumption voucher is expired and unused, it shall be recovered. If there are consumer coupons in business, you can contact Alipay (Tel: 95188-1).


Pay attention to what?

A total of 1 million consumer vouchers were issued in the first phase, with a limited number. Please learn from the experience of "double 11" rush purchase of goods, "fight for hand speed and network speed", take out the belief of "time waits for no man, give up who I am", pick up your mobile phone, open the app, get it in time, get it quickly, get it first, get it first.



If you miss this coupon collection, please don't lose heart and don't be disappointed. The second and third coupons will be issued in time as planned.

The issuance of consumption vouchers is another measure to benefit the people for expanding consumption and steady growth in our city. It is full of sincerity and benefits.

10:00 on April 3

We'll see each other