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How many episodes does sigh bridge update every week? Sigh bridge update time and broadcasting platf

the TV series sigh bridge is an online play starring Lin Baoyi, Zhou Jiayi, Chen Huanren, Wei Shiya, Wu Yongwei, Qin Pei, etc. As soon as the play was broadcast, it was highly praised by many audiences, and Douban's score was also very good. How many episodes does sigh bridge update every week? This article brings you the update time, broadcasting platform and plot introduction of sigh bridge.

How many episodes of sigh bridge update every week:

The TV series sigh bridge was broadcast on March 28, 2020 and has been updated to episode 1. Update time: VIP members update three episodes at 12 noon every Saturday, and non members update one episode at 12 noon every Saturday.

The online drama "sigh bridge" supervised and starred by Lin Baoyi has been broadcast. The score on Douban is very high, with 8.9 points! The plot has been reversed. After watching it, you will find that you can't miss every detail of every episode! Different perspectives and different views, the reality and truth are confusing, and the reversal continues to burn the brain and upgrade!

Where is the sigh bridge

The online drama "sigh bridge", starring Lin Baoyi, Zhou Jiayi, Chen Huanren, Wei Shiya, Wu Yongwei and Qin Pei, was broadcast alone on Youku. The play is also the 10th cooperation between Lin Baoyi and Zhou Jiayi after the dramas such as "Jinzhi wants evil" and "Fire Dance yellow sand". All the acting skills are online!

Synopsis: Li ziyong Thomas was born poor. When he was young, he worked hard to make money for his mother in order to make money. After meeting the girl Fang Xiaowei Sammy who worked in the tea restaurant, they became good friends. The owner of the tea restaurant assigned Li ziyong to Belgium to smuggle famous watches. Because of a major mistake, he stayed in Belgium for 20 years and met Judy, a confidant who lived and died. Four years ago, Li ziyong returned to Hong Kong to open a restaurant with Fang Xiaowei. He met his friend he Le'er Joyce in Belgium again. They hit it off and soon came together. But Li ziyong later found that he Le'er and Hu Qiyuan had been dating for 8 years, and he also had a son with a famous wife, Liang Shuyuan Catherine. The relationship between the six was complicated and confusing. Fate makes their lives crisscross, meet, know, get along with each other, divide them to meet again, entangle their love and hate for a lifetime, in exchange for a sigh.