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How much is Zhong Nanshan's registration fee? Do you think it's expensive

At present, the distribution of medical resources in major regions is uneven, and there is a great disparity in strength, which leads to the situation that it is difficult to find a good hospital No. 1! As we all know, hospitals are generally divided into emergency, ordinary number, expert number, etc. in case of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, they generally choose to hang up the expert number, but the expert number is difficult to find. Moreover, the registration fee is also more expensive than the ordinary number, ranging from more than ten yuan to tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan.

Recently, some netizens exposed a screenshot, which showed that it was the respiratory clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. What caused discussion was the registration fee of '1200' yuan. As we all know, the expert registration fee itself is more expensive, and no matter how expensive, you may not be able to line up and hang up the number. Just because the attending doctor is an academician of 'Zhong Nanshan', the comment area is a pot of porridge, and there are different opinions.

In the comment area, what is more persuasive is this sentence: you will choose to hang the academician number for difficult and miscellaneous diseases. Generally, you won't hang a small cold. As long as you can solve the problem, no matter how much it is, you don't dislike it. Some netizens said: this sentence is really true. When you really encounter a big problem, no matter how expensive it is, it's good to line up and hang up the number. After all, there's no way to get sick.

There is such a message in the comment area, which has attracted the attention of Xiaobian. The original saying is' 1200 'is really expensive, but isn't it expensive for stars? Netizen Hertz added that "the 1200 tickets for Zha star concert will not attract attention". Xiaobian thinks that if compared with the stars, Mr. Zhong doesn't know how many streets to dump them. If Mr. Zhong holds a global epidemic experience sharing meeting, I think someone will go because his experience can save people. However, personally, I don't think we can compare Zhong Lao with stars. After all, it's not a level. If you find a star to watch a concert, you're willing to spend 1200 yuan. It's only the worst position. You still think it's expensive to find Zhong Lao to see a doctor, so I have nothing to say.

It's too expensive. Really, the poor can't afford to go. This sentence is deeply in my mind. I believe most people can afford 1200 yuan, but for sick families, they encounter difficult and miscellaneous diseases. In this case, it must be looking for doctors everywhere, and the academician expert number will be selected when the treatment is fruitless. The difficult and miscellaneous diseases themselves cost a lot of expenses. In addition to a glimmer of hope, the registration fee alone costs 1200 yuan. If it was me, I would also say it is expensive. After all, I am also an ordinary person.

For the formulation of various hospital expenses, Xiaobian does not make any explanation, because I am not a professional and have no right to judge whether the expenses are high or low, which can only be felt from the perspective of ordinary people. Some people say that the registration fee is set by the hospital and the fee will be divided level by level. Others say that academicians have state subsidies and should not be so expensive, but I want to say that all medical workers deserve these! While looking at the registration fee of 1200 yuan, we should pay more attention to who formulated this standard. If it is formulated by the hospital itself, the relevant departments should review its standard to see whether it is reasonable. After all, most of the people who see a doctor are ordinary people and most of them have no money. Source: Netease News