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Jin Zaizhong's diagnosis of the new crown is an April Fool's Day joke, which leads to heated discuss

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in April 1st by Kim Jaejoong, who was on his social networking platform INS. He later revised the blog post, saying that he wanted to be vigilant: this April Fool joke was a bit excessive, and I would accept all the punishment I received for this article. Cited netizens hot discussion.


People around

Someone I cherish is infected with the virus?

It's heartbreaking.

Even so, I don't care...

I said no

There are too many people living on the street without fortification. They are worried that their family acquaintances will get sick.

The illusion that I and my surroundings should be safe.

It can make me and everything around me painful.

Now my acquaintances and related people are also increasing the number of people infected with the virus.

Definitely not a distant story

When the inadvertent sadness premonition becomes a reality

I don't think it was over after wiping my tears

Now the vigilance.

Remember, remember.

April Fool's joke is a little too much

In a short time, many people are worried

Damn it. This article is definitely not considered an April Fool's Day joke.

My family & hellip; My friend is ill & hellip; Dying & hellip; absolutely!! It's nobody else's business.

I want to tell you that protecting yourself is protecting those precious people. "

I am willing to accept all the punishment for this article.

I wish you good health.