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Kyushu Sky City 2 why chase xuejingkong in a moment? What is the identity of a moment?

In the TV series Kyushu Sky City 2, he is a very mysterious character and a very powerful character. He always follows the snow sky. So, what is the relationship between him and xuejingkong, and why did he hurt xuejingkong?

Why did Kyushu Sky City Chase xuejingkong in a moment:

In the play, xuejingkong is often followed by a killer in black. The killer's name is moment. For a moment, he is a very mysterious figure. He never speaks. He killed xuejingkong's righteous parents, so xuejingkong hates him very much and wants to avenge his righteous parents, but the mastermind behind the scenes hasn't appeared yet. Xuejingkong doesn't dare to act rashly. As for why we should pursue xuejingkong in a moment, it is not clear for the time being. We can only wait for the TV series to update and find the answer in the play.

Reveal your true identity in a moment:

In a moment, it was the spirit of the immortal beast 'Jinnian' with magic. It was a very powerful figure. His only goal was to kill the snow sky. He is good at magic and is an old enemy of the snow sky.

According to the current plot, Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling should be the righteous parents of xuejingkong. When he learned that Feng ruche was Feng Tianyi's daughter, he affectionately called her 'Achel'. It is obvious that he knew Feng ruche. However, Feng ruche grew up in the Jianghu. Feng ruche has no impression of him. Later, xuejingkong went to be the emperor's teacher for Feng ruche. They started an unforgettable love story.

Kyushu & middot; Sky City II is an ancient costume fantasy love drama starring Xu Zhengxi, Wang Yuwen, Li Muchen, Wang Ziqi and Chaige. The play mainly tells the fatalistic relationship between Feng ruche, the daughter of Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling, and xuejingkong, the greatest magician in Lanzhou. The play was broadcast on March 20, 2020 on the platform of Tencent video.