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Qingming online memorial service message 2020 Qingming memorial service message

During the Qingming Festival, the rain is shaking, thousands of sorrows are surging, pines and cypresses are rising day by day, green smoke is floating in front of the tombstone, cool wind is blowing around the side, and Zi Gui cries blood. I only wish the kingdom of heaven has laughter, and the living have no worries and happiness. Here to share some messages about 2020 Qingming Festival heroes, hoping to help you.

2020 Qingming Festival heroes latest message collection

1. Pay tribute to the martyrs! In order to make us live a happy life, you are willing to sacrifice your precious life in exchange for it. On the occasion of the annual Qingming Festival, let's miss them and pay tribute to these revolutionary martyrs. Their spirit will urge us to study harder

2. Sacrifice heroes online, and heroes will live forever

3. Revolutionary heroes, your heroic soul is always in our hearts!

4. History is created by the people and the people's Heroes! History is created by the working masses and revolutionary heroes! Today's happy life is the blood and life of revolutionary martyrs and the hard sweat of the working people!

5. The lives of the martyrs have brought peace and tranquility to China. The blood of the martyrs has inspired the courage and loyalty of the Chinese people. The living life should be happy and happier; The great motherland should be strong and stronger! The spirit of martyrs exists in heaven and earth, and the smile of martyrs is always in my heart! Here I bow to the revolutionary martyrs

6. During the Qingming Festival, tears are continuous, and the sound of the pastoral flute is heard. The sad pear flowers fall beside the rain. The solitary graves are locked away from the mourning, and the Yin and yang are separated from the human intestines. This is the most vicissitudes in the world. I only wish the kingdom of heaven is always good, and the world is happy and happy

7. The drizzle in the suburbs is floating. Qingming is the most broken intestines. Thousands of tears hang on your face. You are as deep as the sea. Wet clothes, pines and cypresses stand beside the tombstone. You are full of thoughts and tears. You are unforgettable. You can rest assured to honor your loved ones

8. The mountains are green and beautiful with falling rain and tears. At this time of Qingming Festival, it is difficult to distinguish between rain and tears. Sorrow and heartbreak are heartbroken. My old friend wants to live another child unfilial. The soul of heaven rests in peace. On Qingming Festival, I wish both worlds peace and happiness for generations!

9. Our beautiful life now is bought by thousands of soldiers with blood. From now on, I will contribute my modest efforts to the peaceful development of the motherland like you, bow and salute to you! Sun Jiawen

10. Burning incense in front of the tomb is unspeakable pain; Sprinkle wine on the grave, every drop is sad tears; Sacrificing flowers in front of the tomb, blossoming are parting feelings; Kowtow at the grave. It's hard to give up every time. Qingming Festival is coming. May the dead rest in peace forever!

11. Remember the martyrs and send a bunch of flowers at Qingming Festival; Be grateful for the modern and cherish the happy life now; Looking forward to the future, we are the builders of the future, study hard, let our achievements comfort the martyrs, and let our excellence make the martyrs' lives more valuable

12. Based on the foundation, develop steadily, and honor the martyrs who created a better life for us with strong strength

13. 'heroes', when you see or hear this word, a deep respect arises spontaneously. Predecessors shed blood and sacrifice in order to realize their dreams. We people living in peacetime have no reason to slack off. We should work hard for the Chinese dream

14. Sacrifice heroes online, mourn the martyrs, revitalize China, build a prosperous and strong society, and revive the Chinese dream!

15. The scenery is clear and bright, the spring scenery is beautiful, and the outing is leisurely; The sun is bright and the spring is bright. May you show your smile; Poetry flies with spring, leisurely and tightly; Heart flowers bloom with spring flowers. How wonderful the days are. Qingming, may your heart be quiet, happy and bright!

16. In commemorating the revolutionary martyrs, we should never forget their outstanding contributions to the party and the people, their national spirit forged with blood and life, and their legacy and pursuit.

17. It is glorious for a people's hero to sacrifice his life for the sake of the motherland, not afraid of difficulties and hardships. You may give up your family for the revolution, but we will spread your name in poetry and sing praises to your deeds!

18. Remember the great achievements of revolutionary martyrs, study hard, master skills, and strive to be a good young man who loves the motherland and has lofty ideals.

19. When you were drunk, you looked at the sword with a lantern and dreamed of blowing horns and battling. You exchanged your life for the victory of the war of resistance against Japan.

20. What should you remember on Tomb Sweeping Day? It can have a faint sadness of separation, but it is by no means the sadness soaked in tears. What it needs is to remember and the power to feel in the memory. It must be the power to inspire me to move forward, and it must be a wish beyond life.

21. I think you are still where you are and never leave. We won't just read your deeds and imagine your back alone. You left us with the immortal spirit of the world and the splendid civilization of today.

22. Thousands of years ago, the ancients lamented Qingming. Thousands of years later, as the hope of the country's future, we cherish Qingming and the martyrs who shed blood for the founding of new China. This is your festival, and your spirit will always carry forward and grow around us!

23. There are beautiful mountains and rivers, good scenery, few moons and stars, and many sacrifices. The spring breeze has solved the thousand layers of snow. I will never forget the martyr's kindness!

24. The spring breeze is like scissors, which can't cut away the wisps of missing; Flying flowers are like a dream, and the dream can't end. Qingming scenery depends on, the smoke of ancestor worship is thin, the emotion is sad and separated, and the incense is difficult to replace. I only wish the living to be safe and sincerely remember the dead.

25. The bloom of youth, enthusiasm and flying, will never forget you, martyrs. Wait and mourn quietly until you wake up and learn from you. On today's Qingming Festival, we miss you and commemorate you!

26. During Tomb Sweeping Day, don't forget the revolutionary martyrs who shed their blood for new China. They paved the way for China to become a powerful country with their own lives. Without them, we wouldn't have our happy life today. We will never forget them!

27. Every tomb sweeping day, we should sweep tombs to pay tribute to our relatives, but we should also mourn those revolutionary martyrs who gave their precious lives for new China. Although their lives have disappeared, they have created today's beautiful life for us with their own blood. We will always miss them.

28. Brave martyrs, rest in peace. Although you have left for another world, your soul and spirit still live in our hearts. The people's heroes are immortal!

29. Thank you for your life in exchange for our free and happy life. You are our example!

30. The rising sun is bright and the dew is shining. Pingye Yibi, it's Qingming. Cigarettes curl and firecrackers sound. Paper money turns into a butterfly and five fruits are for supply. Death is silent, mourners are shining. Cry and tell, bless my peace.

31. The tomb of our ancestors is visited every year. There is still a long spring breeze everywhere. We learn from the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs, make contributions to the revitalization of China, and do not forget the martyrs' loyalty and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. Today is bought by countless revolutionary martyrs with blood and revolution. Without you, our motherland will not be prosperous. I want to study hard. Without your heroic dedication, we would not have a happy life today! It is you who hold up tomorrow's sun with a clank iron bone! It is you who cast the glory of the motherland with indomitable courage! Your name will last forever, and your spirit will last forever! Salute you! Learn from you!

32. Sacrifice heroes online, read heroes in your heart, and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation lies in action!

33. Take a heavy step towards the tomb; Bathe in the continuous drizzle and cry; Hold up the elegant chrysanthemum and immerse yourself in memories; Kneel in front of a solemn grave and remember your feelings. Tomb Sweeping Day is coming. May the living cherish happiness and the dead rest in peace forever.

34. The red scarf is the corner of the five-star red flag, which was bought by countless martyrs with blood. We should love her. We should study hard, make progress every day, learn from the revolutionary martyrs, love the motherland and be a useful person to the country.

35. Long live the people's Republic of China and never forget the revolutionary martyrs who shed their blood on the battlefield!

36. Love is deep in the rain on the Tomb Sweeping Day. Holding flowers in front of the tomb, the past experience is infinite. The words of relatives are in my ears. Hateful heaven does not have eyes, causing people to be separated. Tears are rippling. I hope the kingdom of heaven is happy and pray for the peace of my family!