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What happened to the 81192 incident? What does it mean? 81192 Wang Wei's profile photo introduction

"Call 81192, this is 553. I have been ordered to take over your aircraft for cruise mission. Please return!"

'81192 Roger, I can't return. You keep moving, repeat, you keep moving!'

For 19 years, on April 1 of each year, the number '81192' will appear on many media pages, reminding readers of this group of numbers of Wang Wei, a first-class pilot of a naval aviation unit who has left us for 19 years.

Surging journalists noted that from the evening of March 31st, a number of official account numbers of micro-blog and WeChat were issued to commemorate the 19 year old Wang Wei.

@The CCTV military microblog launched the microblog topic 'please remember No. 81192 on April 1' on the evening of April 31, which quickly received more than 700000 readings, and the number of discussions quickly broke thousands@ CCTV military released video and graphic news: April 1, 2001, South China Sea. In order to defend the airspace of the motherland, pilot Wang Wei collided with a US reconnaissance plane and was killed. The fighter No. 81192 was never able to return. 19 years ago, Chinese soldiers drove a not advanced plane and drank back the enemy at the cost of their lives. Over the past 19 years, China's national defense force has become stronger every day than in the past! 81192, please return! The motherland is strong. We'll take you home.

@The official microblog of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League released the graphic message '81192, we will always wait for you to return!'

@While forwarding the commemorative video, China's official anti cult microblog wrote: '81192 received, I can't return. You continue to move forward, you continue to move forward!'& hellip;& hellip; Many people remember that there is a number called '81192'; There is a hero named Wang Wei. Remember: heroes are never far away, we will never forget!

The official account of the WeChat public in the eastern theater, "people's front line'31," published the evening of April 1st, please remember number 81192! Call 81192, this is 553. I have been ordered to take over your cruise mission. Please return! " 81192 Roger, I can't return. Keep moving! " 19 years later, when I heard this recording, I still burst into tears & hellip& hellip; After 19 years, we still shouted as before: '81192, please return!' On that day, with his life, Wang Wei drove a plane 20 years behind the United States, drank back the United States and defended China's sovereignty over the territorial waters of the South China Sea! On that day, Wang Wei carved out the bottom line of the Oriental giant with his blood and sketched the righteousness of the Oriental giant! On that day, it was Wang Wei who made us better understand that there was never a "step back" in defending the country's territorial sovereignty and integrity and national dignity.

The "people's front" article wrote: over the past 19 years, the motherland and the people have never forgotten that the whole country has worked hard with one heart, with Shenzhou taking off, Chang'e running to the moon, Jiaolong entering the sea and Wukong patrolling the sky. China's comprehensive national strength is becoming increasingly prosperous. Over the past 19 years, the officers and men of the navy have never forgotten that domestic aircraft carriers have been handed over and listed, J-15 shipborne fighter planes have been delivered in batches, and the 0.55 million ton mass drive has been successfully launched. Generations of officers and men in the South China Sea have remembered their pain and worked hard to build a world-class Navy in an all-round way, and will never let the historical tragedy repeat itself. Over the past 19 years, the heroic family has never forgotten that Wang Wei's son inherited his father's will and continued to move forward. Now he has put on his military uniform, cherished the dream of building a strong army and guarded the thousands of miles of the motherland. 19 years later, Wang Wei guarded the sea area with his life. Although the wind and waves are still rough, the fighters guarding the sea area are more advanced and more than 19 years ago.

The article finally wrote: 81192, a machine number, a monument, a spirit, we will never forget. One day, the J-8 II will grow old, but 81192 will not corrode with steel. One day, the J-8 II will retire, but 81192 will not be retired. One day, stealth carrier will take the place of J-8 II to guard the sea and air, but 81192 will never be forgotten! From now on, there will never be a second 81192 gone forever. " 81192, please return! " The motherland is strong. We'll take you home.

…& hellip;

According to the'CNR defense time and space WeChat official account, in April 1, 2001, a US reconnaissance aircraft violated our airspace in the South China Sea. Our army then sent two planes to intercept and intercept. The US plane suddenly collided with our J-8 II fighter. Pilot Wang Wei, No. 81192, never returned. His life was forever fixed at the age of 33.

After Wang Wei landed in the sea, the Navy, relevant local units and the people overcame difficulties such as the harsh marine environment and complex climate, fought continuously for 14 days and nights, and launched a large-scale search and rescue operation. In carrying out this mission, Wang Wei was resolute, courageous, calm and calm. At the last moment, he chose to guard China's airspace with his life, sprinkled his blood on thousands of miles of sea and wrote his loyalty with his life!

After Wang Wei's sacrifice, the Central Military Commission awarded Wang Wei the honorary title of "guardian of the sea and air" and the first-class model medal in Beijing on April 24, 2001. The Navy Party committee approved Wang Wei as a revolutionary martyr. More than ten years later, the martyr's wife Ruan Guoqin has raised her son. After graduation, her son inherited his father's will and became a navy. In April 2018, China also published the memory article "the love story between Wang Wei and me" by Ruan Guoqin, the wife of martyr Wang Wei.

The martyr's wife wrote in the article: 'I believe in my husband's promise to me, because my husband's promise to me has never been empty. I hope it's a nightmare. When I wake up tomorrow, everything will be the same; I hope this is another adventure for my husband, and he will come back to himself safely after getting out of danger; I hope this is another voyage for my husband, and the pain of parting will disappear when we meet again & hellip& hellip;'