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When is the Dragon Ridge grotto updated every week? Update time and plot introduction of Longling Gr

Longling Grottoes with ghosts blowing lights, starring pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi and Jiang Chao, has been expected by many netizens. When is the Dragon Ridge grotto updated every week? This article brings you the update time and synopsis of the story of the Dragon Ridge cave of ghost blowing lights.

Update time of Longling Grottoes

The play will be broadcast on April 1, 2020 on the platform of Tencent video. The update time is: update 3 episodes at 20:00 every Wednesday, and VIP will watch next week first.

Introduction to the plot of Longling Grottoes

The play is adapted from the second part of the series of novels "the world's tyrants sing ghosts and blowing lights". It mainly tells the story of Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang and Wang pangzi exploring ancient tombs in Longling, Shaanxi Province. Shirley Yang went to the Longling Grottoes in Shaanxi Province to investigate the dragon bone inscriptions. On his way, he met Hu Bayi and Wang pangzi who escaped from the ancient city of Jingjue. Then he entered the ghost empty tomb together and started a mysterious adventure. It is understood that the play will be broadcast on Tencent video on April 1, 2020. The update time is: update 3 episodes at 20 o'clock every Wednesday, and VIP will watch it first next week. Plot introduction Hu Bayi, Wang pangzi and Da Jinya were cheated by the story of an embroidered shoe and went to Gulan County, Shaanxi Province. The road was difficult and dangerous. Hu Bayi stood up and let everyone out of danger. They met blind Chen in the guest house. They were able to escape the trap of the villagers because of the reminder of blind Chen. The three accidentally fell into the 'Longling Grottoes' and were attacked by bats. Later, they found that they had grown a lot of red spots and decided to repair them at Uncle Wang's house. Just met Shirley Yang who came to find the root of erythema, and heard the heroic story of partridge whistle and master liaochen looking for liaochen beads. Several people decided to look for Chen chenzhu. Chen blind told them that "Neicang" was right here. The villagers repeated their old tricks and threatened them to find money. Two groups of people went to the cave, were attacked by spiders and were trapped in the dark Pavilion. Then they worked together to save the danger. Finally, they entered the 'chessboard' mechanism, found the dragon bone Tianshu, escaped from the cave and prepared to go to Yunnan to continue decrypting 'erythema'.