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Why is Ma boqian's home on fire? Ma boqian's family background, parents and personal data

Recently, Ma boqian vlog went on a hot search. Ma boqian's family has attracted the attention of many netizens and made more people interested in Ma boqian's family and personal data. Many people wonder how rich Ma boqian's family is? The Grand Manor like home is really amazing. This article brings you a brief introduction to Ma boqian's family, parents and personal data.

How rich Ma boqian's family is

How rich is Ma boqian's family? From his vlog, you can see that luxury cars, manors and decoration all make people smell the smell of RMB across the screen. It is understood that Ma boqian's family has a large manor like residence, which was also the location of the American drama "Modern Manor" before. In addition, Meng zikun also revealed that Ma boqian's home is too big. You need to shout with a horn to find someone.

Who are ma boqian's parents

After a search, it was found that Ma boqian's father was Ma Qingyun, a very famous architect. No wonder the decoration design of his home was amazing. In addition, Ma boqian's grandfather is Li ange, a well-known women's volleyball coach in China, a doctoral supervisor and head of the Chorus Association. It can be seen that Ma boqian's family background is not generally strong.

profile of Ma boqian

It is reported that Ma boqian, who is tall, rich and handsome, studied piano with Lang Lang at the age of 2. At the age of 4, he went to Shanghai to study international school. Since childhood, he has accepted the influence of American street hip-hop culture and studied performance and stage drama. In addition, Ma boqian graduated from the University of Southern California. He is a man of the moment in the school and won many awards in the singing competition. In addition, Ma boqian has a younger brother named Ma Zhongqian. The two brothers look alike, but they are not twins.