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What is the first part of the ghost blow lamp series? Whose tomb is the Dragon Ridge mystery cave of

Longling Grottoes is an adventure suspense online drama starring pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi and Jiang Chao. The play will be broadcast soon and will be broadcast on Tencent video on April 1, 2020. The play is based on the novel of Tianxia Ba sing. There are two original novels. So, what's the number of the Dragon Ridge Grottoes with ghost blowing lights?

Which part is the Dragon Ridge cave of ghost blowing lamp

There are two novels in the "ghost blows the lamp" series. Part I: the ancient city of ghost blowing lamp, Longling cave of ghost blowing lamp, Yunnan insect valley of ghost blowing lamp, Kunlun Temple of ghost blowing lamp; Part II: yellow leather Tomb of ghost blowing lamp, South China Sea ruins of ghost blowing lamp, anger of ghost blowing lamp in Western Hunan, Wuxia coffin mountain of ghost blowing lamp.

It is understood that there are two "ghost blowing lights" series novels sung by Tianxia Ba, with a total of 8 volumes. Longling grottoes of ghost blowing lamp is the second volume of the first book of ghost blowing lamp. The story takes place after Hu Bayi, Wang pangzi and Shirley Yang returned from the exploration of Jingjue ancient city. Because of an embroidered shoe from the countryside of Shaanxi, they entered an abandoned Tomb of the Tang Dynasty, so as to open the story of ancient tomb exploration.

There is an abandoned tomb in Longling. According to the data, this tomb belongs to the Tang Dynasty. After they went deep into the stealing hole left by their predecessors, they found a lot of strange things. During the investigation, they mistakenly entered another tomb, a tomb built in the Western Zhou Dynasty. After cracking the mechanism of the tomb here, the three returned to the ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty and found out the truth.

Whose tomb is the Dragon Ridge cave of ghost blowing lamp

In the original novel, this tomb is actually a tomb of the Tang Dynasty, whose tomb is unknown. Many tombs in the original work actually have fictional parts. In addition, at the end of Jingjue ancient city, Hu Bayi told Shirley Yang that he and fat people had a principle to steal tombs. They would not steal any known tombs or protected tombs.