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Luhan Wu Yifan cooperates with the MV release of the new song "coffee": I want a cup of coffee

Lu Han, Wu Yifan

Single cover

At noon on April 1, Lu Han [microblog] interacted with Wu Yifan [microblog] in the space of microblog, 'I want a cup of coffee', which was a hot discussion. It turned out that the new song coffee (LH x kW) was launched.

Singer Lu Han interacted with Wu Yifan on the microblog: 'I want a cup of coffee' attracted netizens. At the same time, singer Wu Yifan also responded on the microblog: 'let's have a cup of ice American style'. This surprised netizens who thought it was just a joke on April Fool's day. Unexpectedly, a new song "coffee (LH x kW)" cooperated by two musicians was pleasantly launched on this day.

In the spring sun, hands in pockets wandering in the streets. The pressure of life, long meetings & hellip; It's better to put it all behind you. Under the classic hiphop rhythm and fresh orchestration, the whole song doesn't have too many complicated emotions. They put aside all the trivial troubles and tensions we often encounter in life and choose to use a cup of ice 'coffee' to release their fatigue. I believe you who have heard this song can also taste the unique feeling brought by this cup of special coffee.

At the same time, the MV of the lyrics version of coffee (LH x kW) is also launched at the same time. Lu Han's relaxed and lively singing is integrated with Wu Yifan's smooth rap. The jumping lyrics in the MV complement the rhythm of the song. Just like its song name, it makes people feel calm, comfortable and cool.

The first cooperation between Lu Han and Wu Yifan, two unique young musicians, opened a new attempt in the field of music. With their unique interpretation, they show the relaxed and comfortable life to be expressed in this song.