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April Fool's day wechat whole person joke summary April Fool's day new routine circle of friends tal

April 1, 2020, today is the annual April Fool's day. Many people want to trick their friends or make a tentative confession to the object of secret love today. Today, let's share the summary of trick wechat jokes on April Fool's Day 2020.

April Fool's day wechat whole person joke summary 2020 April Fool's Day confession whole person chat sentence

1. Wechat and circle of friends are also easy to trick. For example, wechat can withdraw red envelopes, but this is more old-fashioned.

2. Make a voice you'll never hear

3. 'I like you'

'because today is April Fool's day?'

'in fact, since I like you, every day is like April Fool's Day'

4. April Fool's Day is coming! Everyone should be innovative, for example: send me a box of delicious food, let me guess who it is!

5. April Fool's Day is not a festival for fools, but an opportunity for liars to tell the truth.

6. Who hasn't been cheated by life, but you left traces on your face (body / head).

7. Even if the world deceives you, I won't.

8. On April Fool's day, I want to 'fool you' for the rest of my life.

9. Try your best to tease, it's better to try your best to move.

10. April Fool's day, it seems that all fantasies are jokes, but we regard our fantasies as ideals.

11. Some lies can also be beautiful.

12. Everyone is a 'liar' on April Fool's day, so life is more interesting.

13. I like you, if you are not, then happy April Fool's day, if you are, then wish us a happy first day!

14. You can be forgiven for lying today. Why do you praise me today?

15. Can you lie to me today and say you like me? Such a little sweetness is enough for me to last for many years!

16. Tomorrow is April Fool's day. You will definitely ask you to go out and play. Don't believe it, because you have no object at all!