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April 1 fool's day routine map April 1 fool's day routine pranks

What are the ways to spoof people on April Fool's Day 2020? A quarter of 2020 has passed. April 1 is April Fool's day. Are you tricked again? Do you want to follow others? Sort out a collection of tricks on April Fool's day. Come on, hey, peel!

2020 April Fool's Day 'whole person' trick

Trick 1. Delicious sandwich biscuits

Of course, what we are talking about here is not the sandwich biscuits sold on the market. In fact, it's easy to make. Just prepare a bag of conventional sandwich biscuits and a toothpaste. Here, Master Kang's three-layer combed Sandwich Biscuits (easy to peel and not fragile) and naais nutritional vitamin C toothpaste (tastes like lemon sandwich).

When making, peel the biscuits carefully and remove the sandwich; Then extrude the toothpaste, evenly smear it on the biscuits, and then stick it together as the biscuits are. When you are whole, you must put the 'specially made' biscuits together with the original sandwich biscuits. The whole person time is close to lunch or afternoon tea time. Naturally, a fool will take the initiative to ask to share with you. Unconsciously, he will taste your carefully made 'delicious sandwich biscuits'.

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Trick 2. Two people lift 'glass'

This is a convenient and interesting trick scheme. There is no need to prepare any props. Just find a partner with good 'acting skills'. Before the whole person, you can exercise with your partner in the newspaper. During the exercise, they took a newspaper together, grabbed the four corners of the newspaper respectively, and remembered the approximate position. When you are a whole person, just put your hand in the position of your hand when you pull the newspaper and pretend to work hard and lift things carefully. At that time, you will find that the people coming towards you will consciously walk around you and dare not pass through the 'glass'.

A similar whole person scheme is' transparent rope on the door '. When I entered the door, I suddenly looked up, covered my face, pretended to be hurt by the invisible thread or rope on the door, then carefully lowered my head and pretended to drill through from below. Then you can see what the people behind do: they must be like you & hellip& hellip;

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Trick 3. I'd like to buy you coffee

This is also a simple and easy solution, as long as you can meet kind people. Near the unit, you can start looking for kind-hearted people. You must find those who have a strong sense of direction and are not in a hurry, otherwise you will be scolded.

After you have locked the target, you have to pretend to be helpless and eager. " Excuse me, how can I get to so and so? (if possible, it's the location of your unit, so that you can invite a kind-hearted person to have a cup of coffee) 'the other party may be very patient to show you the way. Next, you will have the cheek to beg others, 'I'm sorry, I'm not from Nanjing. I don't know if it's inconvenient for you to take me there?' The other party may hesitate a little, but if your eyes are good enough and the other party is really a kind person, you may agree to your request and take you to your unit. At this time, you can do a little bit of the friendship of the host. " Thank you very much. This is my unit. Would you like to come in? I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee. " If the other person is a humorous person, he or she will look at you with a smile and suddenly realize: 'it's April Fool's Day!'

Recommendation Index: ★★★

2020 fool's Day pranks on people

Trick 4. Music station on demand program

This is a more common way to straighten people, but it has been tried repeatedly. Before the whole person, just prepare a stainless steel or enamel vessel. If you want to make the whole person better, you can pave the way in advance, find the whole person object, bluntly tell him (her) that you have a secret to tell him (her), and then walk away if you want to. Before you leave, you must leave a word, 'you'll know then.'

Dial the phone of the trickster and start the standard Mandarin you have practiced very well - don't let the other party hear your voice. If necessary, ask your partner to say for you: 'this is 168 sound channel. A Mr. / Ms. (your own name) wants to order a song for Mr. / Ms. (the other party's name). If you want to listen, please dial # key to continue.' Usually, the other party will press the # key to continue listening. With your trickery, he or she can't wait. When you hear the key tone, you can continue to say, 'thank you! The song your friend ordered for you is "Dang" of the power train. Please listen carefully. " Then, you can knock on the prepared vessel and make a 'when' sound. Before the other person reacts, you continue to say, 'thank you for listening, bye!' Then hang up.

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Trick 5. Make strange coke

Buy a bottle of coke, drink half of it, mix it with vinegar, soy sauce, salt, mustard and other seasonings, and carefully prepare a strange coke with normal color and color. When meeting an acquaintance, he pretended to be drinking, and then generously handed over the 'Coke'. The other party was unprepared. He thanked him while taking a big drink, followed by frowning and opening his mouth. You can also follow the law, such as pouring Erguotou Wine into mineral water, mixing some soapy water into beer and so on.

Trick 6. Double postage

Estimate the time and send a letter to your friend in advance, but don't stamp or write down your mailing address (otherwise it will be returned to you). In this way, on April Fool's day, your friend will receive a letter pick-up notice from the post office and be told that he has an overdue mail. Please go to the post office to get it and pay double the postage. When he came to the so and so post office and respectfully offered double the postage, he opened the envelope and found a small note floating inside, which said 'Happy April Fool's Day!' However, this prank may be wrong in time, and the effect may not be as good as expected.

Trick 7. Give gifts

If someone has a birthday on April Fool's day, give him a big box with 'Happy Birthday', fill the box with pieces of paper, and loosen the bottom of the box. When he picked up the box, the bottom of the box fell and pieces of paper flew all over the room. He must let the fool clean up for half an hour.