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New York state ordered 17000 ventilators from China, and the number of confirmed cases in New York i

New York state ordered 17000 ventilators from China

On March 31st, novel coronavirus pneumonia in New York was confirmed to be 75795, according to Cuomo, governor of New York. The death toll rose to 1550, an increase of more than 300 over the previous day.

Como also said that New York State has ordered 17000 ventilators from China at US $25000 each. But the state is expected to get only 2500, because California, Illinois and the federal government have ordered the same ventilator.

In New York City, as of the same day, 43139 cases had been diagnosed and 932 cases had died. New York City Mayor de brasio said that community transmission has already begun. In addition, patients with mild diseases still fail to meet the detection standards, and the actual number of infections far exceeds the number of confirmed infections. The situation in New York may continue to deteriorate in the next week or two and continue until May.