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Marathon and other large-scale sports events will not be resumed for the time being to implement the

The general office of the State General Administration of sports issued a notice on the 31st that in order to implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, large-scale activities such as marathons and sports events will not be resumed for a period of time in the future. The full text is as follows:

In order to fully implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of "external prevention input and internal prevention rebound", reduce the risks brought to epidemic prevention and control by personnel flow and gathering, and effectively protect the people's life safety and health, marathon and other large-scale activities, sports events and other crowd gathering activities will not be resumed for a while in the future. At the same time, we should continue to guide the masses to exercise scientifically and organize online events. The General Administration of sports will make timely adjustments according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.