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CNN anchor confirmed the novel coronavirus pneumonia, New York governor's brother has been isolated

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in New York was released novel coronavirus pneumonia in New York on March 31st, when Cuomo, the governor of the state, said that the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia has reached 75795 people, climbing nearly 10000 compared with the previous day. The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in New York has risen to 1550, a 300 increase over the previous day.

In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in New York have already broken through 10000 people, reaching 10929 people, of whom 2710 are in intensive care units. The confirmed cases in New York City have reached 43139 and 932 deaths.

Como once again stressed that he would open up the public and private medical systems throughout New York State, continue to increase beds and deal with the arrival of the epidemic peak. He also said that because the state and federal governments are competing to buy relevant medical products without unified coordination, the market price has been raised again and again.

He continued to call on all New Yorkers to stay at home and to go to public places if not necessary. In addition, he also confirmed at the press conference that his brother Chris middot, anchor of CNN; Como confirmed the novel coronavirus pneumonia, which has been isolated at home.