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Mountain forest fire caused by smoking in the grave and being detained by criminal law. How to escap

On March 29, 2020, it was a good weekend. It coincided with the Qingming Festival. Many citizens of Chuxiong spontaneously organized sacrificial activities. There was a sharp increase in the number of people going up the mountain to offer sacrifices around Chuxiong City and various towns, and the forest fire prevention work was under great pressure.

At about 11 a.m., a message with almost the same content burst the circle of friends, 'there is a fire on the mountain behind the strawberry picking place in baishachong, Chuxiong,' 'the smoke of baishachong's fire is billowing, and there is smoke around yinjiazui reservoir. It's terrible,' 'will this fire burn to Xishan Park?'. A fire has become the focus of Chuxiong citizens.

At about 11 a.m., the telephone in the duty room of Chuxiong Forest Public Security Bureau suddenly rang, and the people called the police and said: there was a forest fire in the Baisha conflict in Lucheng Town, Chuxiong City. " After receiving the alarm, the leading group of the municipal Forest Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it. Director Li Ping and political commissar Bai Shaoyong personally led the team and quickly organized the police to rush to the scene for investigation. Through questioning the surrounding residents, one by one, the suspect Li Mouhua was finally locked up.

Li mouhua, who lives in a community in Chuxiong City, returned to his hometown baishachong village, Lucheng town at about 10 a.m. that day to carry out Tomb Sweeping Day sacrifice activities. During the sacrifice, he discarded the lit cigarette butts in the cemetery. Due to the random treatment of the discarded cigarette butts, they ignited the combustibles on the mountain and brewed into a forest fire. As of 23:00 on the same day, although the fire has been effectively controlled, there are still residual fires that have not been completely extinguished. On the same day, Chuxiong Forest Public Security Bureau summoned Li mouhua according to law and took compulsory measures against him. Li mouhua also confessed to the crime of causing forest fire.

At present, the case is being handled intensively. At this point, '3 & middot; 29 'baishachong forest fire case in Chuxiong was solved at the first time! How to escape in case of mountain fire?

1. Avoid escaping with the wind and choose the direction against the wind, otherwise it is very easy to cause casualties.

2. To escape to the bottom of the mountain, do not run to the top of the mountain, otherwise it is very easy to cause casualties. The fire spreads rapidly up the mountain, mainly because the wind is upward due to the light upward flow of hot air, which makes the fire spread faster upward. The steeper the mountain fire, the faster it spreads; The propagation speed of fire is in the middle on the flat ground; The fire went down the mountain the slowest.

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; 3. There are many precautions for mountain fire fighting, which is very dangerous. Ordinary people should obey the command without professional training. Don't rush to the fire site to put out the fire. They can help outside and enter the fire site after professional guidance.

The destructive power of mountain fire is great, mainly prevention. Even the most advanced technology is difficult to compete with this kind of disaster. I hope we will all take away the fire when we go to the mountains. Don't cause immeasurable losses because of our momentary negligence. Don't play arson on a whim. It's no different from the devil.