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Trump's female reporter was questioned when she could tell the truth to the public

Source: Guardian

Trump, President of novel coronavirus pneumonia, once again angry with American journalists on Monday (March 30th). He also said that the population of Seoul was wrong.

American Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS) reporter yamiche & middot; Yamiche alcindor asked trump, "why is the per capita detection ratio of the United States still lower than that of South Korea, and when can the detection intensity of the United States be equal to that of other countries?"

Source: CNN

Trump responded, 'I know Korea better than anyone. Their population density is very high. Do you know how many people there are in Seoul? Do you know how big Seoul is? There are 38 million people, more than any of our cities. 38 million people live together. We have vast farmland. We have a vast territory and won't have too many problems. In some cases, they don't have any problems. " US media corrected and pointed out that the population of Seoul is not what trump said was 38 million, but 10 million.

Trump then said, 'I didn't say per capita'. He also claimed that 'the United States does more tests than any other country in the world.' At last, he turned and began to condemn alcindo. 'you shouldn't ask such a mean question. You should congratulate those who have been tested.'

Source: Washington Post

The previous day (March 29), when alcindo asked trump about the shortage of materials, trump interrupted and refused to answer her second question. Then alcindo's microphone was taken away by relevant personnel.

Alcindo is not the only American journalist to be angered by trump. On the 30th local time, a CNN reporter listed a series of "big words" trump had said since the outbreak of the epidemic, and asked when he would be able to explain the real situation to the public. Trump responded on the spot: "the question you just asked is really disgusting.".