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The captain of the US aircraft carrier has asked for help. More than 100 people on the US aircraft c

Original title: more than 100 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by US carrier, letter from source: Sina Finance

On the 1st Beijing time, the US Navy 'Theodore & middot; More than 100 officers and soldiers have been infected with COVID-19 on the USS Roosevelt aircraft, prompting the captain of the ship to write a four page request letter asking the US Navy to provide resources for the whole crew to detect and isolate the ship, so as to avoid a similar outbreak like the diamond princess.

In this four page letter, Brett Crozier, the captain of the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier, wrote: "this is not a war, and the officers and soldiers on board do not need to sacrifice. If we do not take action now, we will not be able to properly take care of our most trusted asset, that is, our officers and soldiers. "

The USS Roosevelt is now anchored in Guam with more than 4000 officers and soldiers on board.

Crozel said that at present, only a small number of people infected with the virus get off the ship, most of them are still on the ship, and it is impossible to implement the official guidelines of 14 day isolation and maintaining social distance on the ship.