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The shooting of several Japanese dramas was blocked due to the epidemic situation, and the new broad

According to Japanese media novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was originally scheduled for broadcasting in April, was delayed by the TBS, which was scheduled to be launched in April, including the 2 half of the "half Ze" tree, "my husband, Mr. Zhu" and so on. The new broadcasting time has not been determined.

Stills of Banze Zhishu 2

Banze Zhishu 2 is co starred by Yu Yaren and ShangHuCai, and all the original people in the first season, including Guangbo Sichuan, aizhizhu pianoka, Lu Xinye Peking University and Shoji Xiangchuan, have also returned. It was originally planned to be broadcast in TBS riyao (Sunday) theater from April 19. In the second quarter, Naoki Banze was sent to Tokyo central securities to meet various problems and obstacles in his new post. Whether Banze can continue to deal with them and whether he can 'double return' to those difficult opponents has become a new focus.

Miu404 was created by the behind the scenes team of unnatural death, with Yuko nomu as the screenwriter, shunko Shinai as the producer, Yuko tsuhara as the director, and Ayano gang and Xingye yuan as the co stars. The play tells the story of the professional search team 'mobile search team', which is known as the 'golden oil' within the police and tries its best to catch criminals, and solves various cases within 24 hours. The play was originally scheduled to be broadcast from April 10.

"Mr. Zhu, my housekeeper" is adapted from the online cartoon of the same name. It tells that Yayi met a mysterious uncle in an apron on the night of her 28th birthday. In fact, he is a 'super housekeeper' with all-round housework. A number of weihuazi play a single woman who is not good at housework, Xiang Yuanya Yi, and NANPENG Ohmori plays' super housekeeper '. The play was originally scheduled to start broadcasting on April 14.