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Li Lanjuan returns to Hangzhou to meet her husband Li Lanjuan Zheng Shusen profile resume

On March 31, Academician Li Lanjuan's team supporting Hubei returned to Hangzhou, and her husband academician Zheng Shusen came to the airport to pick up the plane. Although it was chilly in spring, academician Zheng Shusen held an umbrella in the patter of spring rain and greeted him on the apron early. He smiled and said, "I want to surprise Academician Li Lanjuan." I feel very happy and excited to see her soon! "

Seeing the plane landing, academician Zheng Shusen specially put on his glasses. He wanted to see the triumphant Academician Li for the first time. Academician Li Lanjuan was pleasantly surprised when she got out of the cabin. She didn't know that her husband would pick up the plane in advance. They held their hands together.

One is a leader in the field of infectious diseases, and the other is a pioneer in the cause of combined organ transplantation. Li Lanjuan and her husband Zheng Shusen are one of the few couples of academicians in China's scientific community.

In 1973, Li Lanjuan, 26, graduated from Zhejiang Medical University. In her work unit, the Department of clinical medicine of Zhejiang Medical University, she became acquainted with Zheng Shusen, 23 at that time. The same research direction, the same hobby, the word like-minded in the world is most suitable for two professors.

On May 1, 1975, Li Lanjuan and Zheng Shusen officially married. They held a simple ceremony at home. At this time, they suddenly received a phone call saying that Zheng Shusen's father was in poor health. The husband and wife rushed back all night.

Since there was no direct train to their hometown Longyou at that time, they transferred to Jinhua railway station for the night. " We spread our bedding on the ground and spent our first wedding night at the railway station. " In retrospect, Li Lanjuan still has a vivid memory. " Although the conditions were hard at that time, the heart was very sweet. "

Li Lanjuan said: 'breakfast is the only meal we have together in a day.' However, even if there is only one breakfast, the content of daily communication between ordinary couples is often short, but the two professors focus on medical research because they have the same direction of academic research.

Because there is a certain relevance in the main business of the research, in the hospital, the husband and wife sometimes contact by telephone. If she meets a patient with liver failure who cannot be treated by artificial liver technology, she will transfer the patient to Zheng Shusen and ask him to consider liver transplantation; When Zheng Shusen treats some patients with severe liver disease, he will also recommend them to try artificial liver treatment first according to their condition, 'after all, liver transplantation is no way'.

The referral between husband and wife often makes patients feel very lucky, because 'two academicians see themselves at once', and a more reasonable symptomatic treatment scheme also makes many patients recover miraculously.

When asked what is the most ideal state between husband and wife, Li Lanjuan's answer is that they are like-minded and care for each other; Support and understand each other. Support and warm each other on the road of life. They will continue to do so.

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