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Flags across Italy flew at half mast to pay tribute. A total of 105792 cases were diagnosed. Now the

Original title: novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy is confirmed in 4053 cases, half flags across the border mourning the victims.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy were found in 77635 cases, 12428 cases died, and 15729 cases were cured in Italy, according to the latest data released by the Civil Protection Department of the Italy. At the time of 18 hours in March 31st, there were 105792 cases of cumulative diagnosis, 4053 cases were newly diagnosed compared with 18 cases in March 30th, and 837 cases died. Silvio & middot, director of the Italian National Institute of health; Brusefaro said on the 31st that according to the growth curve, the epidemic in Italy has entered a stable period. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was mourned in Italy at half past 31 at 12 hours in Italy.