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Four vaccine volunteers returned home with normal lung CT and normal physical condition

Four of the first batch of volunteers vaccinated with the new crown vaccine ended isolation and went home: 'everything is normal'. On March 31, the first four volunteers who received the recombinant new crown vaccine on the evening of March 16 ended their isolation observation and returned home. Jin Guanping, a volunteer who has finished the isolation observation, said that her physical condition was normal during the centralized isolation. Xiang Yafei, a volunteer who was vaccinated on March 19, was still in isolation for observation. He said that his body temperature was about 37.6 ℃ every night in the first three days of vaccination, 'on the fourth night, the symptoms of low fever will disappear. Now, my body is normal. " Four of the first batch of volunteers vaccinated with the new crown vaccine ended their isolation and went home.

The first batch of volunteers participating in the phase I clinical trial of recombinant new crown vaccine attracted a lot of attention from recruitment to vaccination and later. On the 31st, the first four people vaccinated ended their observation and returned home to return to their original work and life track.

The isolation period of other volunteers has just begun, and some are in the countdown. During this period, their ideas have changed, and their plans after the isolation are different. Some want to join the party, and some want to continue to be volunteers.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned that the CT results of four people's lungs showed clear lung texture, and the results of whether the vaccination was successful and produced antibodies have not been released.

'108 heroes' gathered one after another, with different occupations from the post-60s to the post-00s

The scientific research team led by Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Academy of military medicine of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, focused on emergency scientific research on vaccine development.

The recombinant new crown vaccine developed by academician Chen Wei passed the clinical research registration review on March 16; At 20:18 on the same day, it was approved to officially enter the clinical trial.

According to volunteer recruitment information, the volunteers who participated in the I phase clinical trial of the new crown vaccine were restricted to residents in Wuhan. The registered residence residents in Wuchang, Hongshan and East Lake scenic areas preferred the age of 18-60 years. Volunteers will be divided into three groups: low dose group, medium dose group and high dose group, with 36 people in each group.

After screening and physical examination, qualified volunteers can be vaccinated. The next 14 days were the centralized isolation observation period. Within half a year after vaccination, the medical team will regularly follow up the volunteers to see whether they have adverse reactions and whether they produce anti-s protein specific antibodies in the body.

Many volunteers who have novel coronavirus pneumonia have been sharing the daily physical and living conditions on the Internet. Some are recording their true feelings, and some are clocking in every day to answer netizens' questions. Some netizens said that watching their daily updates is like chasing a series, with new content every day.

With the expansion of the volunteer team, the '108 general' finally gathered on the 27th, and the wechat group became lively all of a sudden. In their group chat, they basically encourage and care for each other.

Among them, from 60 to 00, there were teachers, university students, veterans, entrepreneurs, Party members and the masses, all of whom were non COVID-19 pneumonia patients.

From all walks of life, they are called '108 heroes' by netizens. Wuhan is a heroic city. They are heroes in the city!

The first female volunteer has returned home after four people have been isolated

As the vaccination is carried out in batches, some of them have just entered the observation period, and some are already in the countdown of isolation. On March 31, four volunteers finished their observation after the expiration of isolation period, returned home after a series of inspections, and started their normal work and life.

This includes Jin Guanping, the first female volunteer. On the evening of March 16, Jin Guanping and three other volunteers injected the recombinant new crown vaccine developed by academician Chen Wei's team, and stayed in Wuhan special service sanatorium overnight for centralized isolation and observation.

Jin Guanping, the "post-80s generation", is a native of Zigui County, Yichang city. She has worked in Wuhan for more than ten years and now lives in Wuhan. She felt very lucky. From the day of the closure of the city, she joined the anti epidemic volunteer team. She went out every day to pick up medical care, carry materials, prepare the shelter hospital, and purchase living materials for the Han medical team & hellip& hellip; After many dangerous places, 'I'm not infected. My wife is really lucky!'

Therefore, when we learned that the new crown vaccine had been developed and approved to enter the phase I clinical trial, we did not hesitate to register. Jin Guanping said that he was lucky enough to escape from death and wanted to continue this work and make a modest contribution to the continuation of the epidemic. She stressed that making this decision was not a blind impulse. 'I graduated from pharmacy and had an internship in Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital for one year. I have participated in clinical trials and research and have a certain understanding of its safety, so please rest assured!'

During the isolation observation, Jin Guanping recorded the state of the day almost every day. Jin Guanping did not feel any discomfort except that the inoculation site was slightly red and itchy. " The temperature is normal and the body is in good condition. I found that at the isolation point, the quality of sleep was better. I woke up early every day and was full of energy. "

According to the arrangement, volunteers will collect blood samples seven times during the test, one before and after vaccination, and the next five times will be collected on the 7th day, 14th day, 28th day, 3rd month and 6th month after vaccination.

On the morning of March 24, the seventh day after the vaccination, Jin Guanping and other four volunteers completed blood collection. She said that it took only a few seconds to draw blood today, which is much easier than before.

'I don't know whether it's the rich three meals a day here, or whether the vaccine makes my body better.' She guessed.

During this period, there were still many patterns of breakfast and lunch every day. She found that the food here could not be changed for several days. Because of the small amount of activity and slow digestion, the group joked that they were afraid when they heard about eating, 'time flies, it's time for lunch again.'

Pulmonary CT normal blood collection results have not been found yet

On March 30, she recorded the last dinner in the sanatorium in her 'vaccine Diary', but she was reluctant.

That afternoon, when her goddess academician Chen came to visit them, she joked with her and said, 'I haven't seen you gain weight.' At this time, Jin pingguan knew that the 14 days were not isolation, but convalescence.

As this was the last day of the isolation observation period, she was suddenly a little nervous and looked forward to the results the next day. " I woke up at more than 6 a.m. with thousands of feelings in my heart. Looking back on these 14 days is like having a dream. " Jin Guanping said that she really didn't expect that a very ordinary decision on March 16 would bring much attention now, and she admitted that the idea at that time was actually the same as joining volunteers to participate in epidemic prevention on the day of Wuhan's closure, which always had to be done by someone. Just 'just in need, just in time I can!'

After breakfast at about 8:30 on the morning of the 31st, Jin Guanping took blood. After that, four people volunteered to do lung CT. The results showed that the texture of both lungs was clear. As for the result of whether the vaccination was successful and produced antibodies, she said she didn't know, 'the blood collection results haven't come out yet, because it's only a phase I clinical trial, and it's still some time before it goes on the market.' At present, we can only go home after releasing the isolation and resume ordinary work and life, but the experiment is not over, and there is an observation period later.

When leaving, the partners in the vaccine volunteers wanted to send some photos to get to know each other, 'I was very moved. In fact, I was very reluctant to leave. I felt like I had left the organization.' She revealed that she took her temperature at home, then scanned a health code on wechat and successfully entered the community. Next, she will continue to be a volunteer and share some scenes of slowly recovering Wuhan.

Isolation countdown post-90s entrepreneurs should be volunteers for three times

After the isolation, everyone has different plans. Xiang Yafei, a new crown vaccine volunteer, No. 006, is about to expire the isolation on April 2, but he has applied to stay and start his third volunteer journey, 'prepare to deliver meals to everyone and go to the back kitchen to help wash dishes.' He said that there is still a shortage of manpower here.

Xiang Yafei is from Badong County, Enshi, Hubei Province. He has been in Wuhan for 11 years since he went to university in 2009. In 2016, he partnered with his friends to open a restaurant specializing in Badong characteristics near Wuhan East Lake. On January 23, 2020, the restaurant was closed due to the epidemic, but he lived in Wuhan and loved the city, thinking about what to do. Later, Xiang Yafei joined a group of medical workers. He wanted to be a volunteer.

On February 4, the group released a message: Wuchang Hongshan gymnasium is in urgent need of volunteers to help prepare for the construction of the shelter hospital. After signing up, he began to make beds in the shelter hospital, deal with garbage and carry materials & hellip& hellip; Novel coronavirus pneumonia was also recruited by the Wuhan municipal government. An ambulance was sent to the new crown pneumonia patient. 'my driving license is B. I can drive an ambulance.' Said to Yafei.

Every day's work is very busy. Xiang Yafei also conquered his fear of the virus step by step and began to chat with the patients. But what impressed him was that one day a private car put an old granny in the fever clinic hall and turned around and drove away. At that time, the old man had not been diagnosed, but he was seriously ill and the whole person couldn't stand up at all.

'drive her to the designated hospital. I took her for examination. She is a severe patient! I sent her to the ICU again. " He asked his friends to help remember this day, because if he was infected, he could trace the source! On the fourth day of hospitalization, grandma proposed to eat some liquid food. She cooked some porridge at home to Yafei in the evening, but when he rushed to the hospital with the porridge the next day, the bad news came.

At that time, he was very scared. He prepared preventive traditional Chinese medicine, drank it every day, and took the alcohol spray pot with him. Xiang Yafei was sad for a long time. He said he really wished there was no virus.

With everyone's efforts, the situation slowly improved. All the shelter hospitals were closed, and the designated hospitals were 'cleared' one after another. Xiang Yafei's volunteer work was finally coming to an end.

On March 15, Xiang Yafei's friends told him that academician Chen Wei, a military medical expert, developed a recombinant new crown vaccine to recruit volunteers. Accustomed to reporting good news but not bad news, he reported his name to his family this time, 'I don't want them to worry. Moreover, he is 30 years old, and he still has to decide his own life.'

After arriving at the centralized isolation point, he happened to meet academician Chen Wei. He was very excited and recalled to Yafei, because there was a volunteer logo on his clothes at that time. Academician Chen Wei took the initiative to introduce himself and told him not to worry. She and the scientific research team had been vaccinated.

"This makes me more determined to volunteer for vaccine clinical trials." On March 19, after Xiang Yafei finished the vaccination, he shared in the circle of friends that the transfer of volunteer ambulances in two months has come to an end. The new volunteer mission is to restructure the clinical study of the new crown vaccine, which starts today and lasts for 14 days of medical observation. " At the same time, his family also knew the truth.

According to him, the current state is stable, and he participated in the low-dose group test. After the injection of the vaccine, blood should be drawn to detect the antibody. There is a subsidy of 800 yuan for each blood drawing.

"So far, I have drawn blood twice. The next time is the day when the isolation expires." In addition to continuing to stay as a volunteer, Xiang Yafei also has a wish to join the party. He said, "first of all, he deeply felt the strength of the motherland in this epidemic, and