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Japanese director Sasaki died at the age of 62

Director Sasaki dies

Original title: Sasaki, director of "husband suffering from depression", died at the age of 62

According to Japanese media, film director Zuo zuobuqing, who is well known for his films such as rising sun and half advertisement, died on March 31 at the age of 62.

Sasaki has directed films such as the heritage of the sun and refugees in Tokyo. In 2011, he directed husband with depression, which was starred by Miyazaki Kui and Ya Ren, and was nominated as the best director of the 36th notification and mapping award.

Sasaki, born in 1958 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, won the nomination for best director and best screenwriter of the 28th Japan Film Academy Award for his work "semi advertisement" in 2004.

This work made his popularity soar in Japan and gained a lot of praise. In 2011, he directed the film "the heritage of the sun" again, which was starred by Yaren, Shitong Nakamura, Fukushi Chengzhi and others. In addition, his other work "husband has depression", so he was nominated as the best director of the 36th report and mapping award.

His new film tug of war has not been released yet.

It is reported that in order to get materials from Xiaguan City, Shankou County, Zuo Buqing stayed in the hotel on March 30 and was found lying in the room on the morning of March 31.

Sasaki's latest released film is "the agreed stage, the song of two people crossing time and space", which was released in February 2019. It has been more than a year since now. This year, the tug of war Festival, which he directed, was originally expected to be released in autumn. Now the director has died. I wonder if he can finally appear in front of you as expected.

The actor Shiro sasano, who worked with Sasaki, updated the news after receiving the obituary of Sasaki's death on the 31st, saying 'he is really a gentle and humane person, please rest in peace', mourning Sasaki and expressing his nostalgia.

Japanese director Kiyoshi Sasaki died at the age of 62 and directed half confession

The news of Sasaki's death was actually very sudden. On March 29, he also spoke on his account and wrote his impressions of the Korean films "mourning", "young police" and "goodbye to single". The first one he had seen and watched again, the second one he thought the rhythm was very good, the action was good, and the third one he pointed out that the children in the film played very well.