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Andrew jack of Star Wars died of infection at the age of 76

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Andrew & middot; jack

On April 1, according to foreign media reports, Andrew & middot, a senior British actor and dialect coach who worked for films such as star wars, the Lord of the rings, the Avengers and 007; Jackn died of a novel coronavirus pneumonia at the age of 76. Foreign media reports: his agent revealed that Jack died at St. Peter's Hospital in chetsie on March 31. He originally lived on the oldest work boat on the Thames and was' a funny, charming and pleasant person '. His wife, Gabrielle Rogers, who was married in 2019, is also a dialect coach of the drama group, who is in Australia because COVID-19 can't see her husband's last.

Jack has been working as a dialect coach in movies since the 1980s. He has held this position for many star wars. He also plays caluan ematt, one of the leaders of the Resistance Army, in the New Star Wars trilogy that began in 2015.

Christopher & middot, who was the director of the Star Wars biography Ranger solo; Miller tweeted in memory of Jack: 'he is a kind and considerate person. We asked him to teach Oden (Eden & middot; Ellen rich, who plays the young Han & middot; solo) to speak hillwork (the language used by chubaka). I will always remember their vague growls at each other. Rest in peace. "

Jack also coached the Chinese dialect in the film trilogy of the Lord of the rings, and designed and taught the Greek and Trojan dialects in Troy (2004). He was still active before his death and participated in the unfinished new Batman film. He also worked as a dialect coach for more than 100 film and television works, such as the Avengers 3 and 4, the death of 007, secret agents, the galaxy guard, Sherlock Holmes, Thor 3, the promise of the East, the girl with pearl earrings, Batman: the mystery of the Xia shadow, and also acted in more than a dozen films and television works.