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The governor of New York asked for help and the States promised to pay back in the future

The governor of New York asked for help and the States promised to pay back in the future

On March 30, New York, the state with the most serious epidemic in the United States, once again asked for help from other states. The governor called for 'help us' and promised to' repay 'in the future.

The epidemic situation is tight, and some non-medical enterprises have put into operation epidemic prevention materials. Ford Motor Company said on March 30 that it would cooperate with general electric company to produce simple respirators, which is expected to produce 50000 units within 100 days.

New York is short of people and equipment

Andrew & middot, governor of New York; Como held a press conference at a temporary hospital and again appealed to other states for help.

"I ask medical professionals across the country to come to New York to help us if there is no medical crisis in your community," Cuomo said. Doctors and nurses in New York state are in urgent need of assistance.

Como promised that if it gets help, New York State will repay it in the event of 'emergencies' in other states in the future. In his view, not only New York State, other states may have the same difficulty in dealing with the deteriorating epidemic.

In addition to New York, confirmed cases have also increased rapidly in Louisiana, California and Illinois. The most scarce medical supplies in these states are respirators.

American media reported that there are 12000 ventilators in New York state. Como previously said that when the epidemic reached its peak, New York state needed about 30000 ventilators.

Louisiana Governor John & middot; Bell & middot; Edwards told reporters on March 30 that for all States, ventilator is still the 'most urgent need'.

In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia is increasing rapidly, with beds in New York hospitals inadequate, and temporary hospitals in the state are being built.

Earlier on March 30, the US military hospital ship comfort arrived at the port of Manhattan in New York City. Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients will be admitted to hospitals in New York, with about 1000 beds.

Ventilator production speed is difficult to keep up

In order to alleviate the shortage of ventilators, US President Donald & middot; On March 27, trump first used the power granted to the president by the national defense production law to require general motors and Ford to produce respirators as soon as possible.

Ford said on March 30 that it would cooperate with GE Medical Group to produce simple respirators at a factory in Michigan. It would produce 50000 units in 100 days, and then the production capacity would reach 30000 units per month.

Ford said in novel coronavirus pneumonia that the design of the simple ventilator is not approved for electricity and is suitable for most new crown pneumonia patients.

General Motors said on March 29 that the production capacity of ventilator will reach 10000 units per month before the beginning of summer.

However, novel coronavirus pneumonia is not up to date in the short term, according to several media reports.

According to Ford, the simple ventilator will start mass production in the week beginning April 20. However, New York state officials had expected that the epidemic peak in the state would come around April 20. The municipal government of New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana, said that all the ventilators in the city will be "occupied" around April 4